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RFT-115 Ecosystem Science

3 credits

This course explores terrestrial ecosystem classification, with emphasis on forest ecosystems and the Biogeoclimatic Ecosystem Classification system (BEC) used in BC. Students will examine ecosystem functions and processes, and the concepts of ecosystem services and resilience. Ecosystem identification, sampling and mapping will be practiced throughout.


  • C in two of Composition 10, Creative Writing 10, Literary Studies 10, New Media 10, Spoken Language 10, EFP Writing 10, EFP Literary Studies 10, EFP New Media 10, EFP Spoken Language 10; or C in one of English 10, or English First Peoples 10; or C in ENG 035; or C+ in Communications 12; or C+ in ESL 062 and ESL 065; or English Assessment.
  • C in Principles of Math 10, Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 10, Workplace Math 10, Foundations or Math & Pre-Calculus Math 10, Applications of Math 11 or MAT 029; or Math assessment.
  • Completion of RFT 111 or equivalent. (can be taken as a co-requisite)

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