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SSA-101 Introduction to Deep Space Astronomy

3 hours lecture + 3 hours lab, 3 credits

This is a lab science course that will introduce topics in deep space astronomy including: observational astronomy, stars and stellar evolution, galaxies and galactic evolution, neutron stars, black holes, gravitational waves, extra-solar planets, the Big Bang, dark matter, dark energy, and the possibility of life in the universe. This course will also explore related topics in physics and chemistry such as: light and the electromagnetic spectrum, optics, gravity, relativity, cosmology, and the origin of the chemical elements.


  • C in one of Composition 11, Creative Writing 11, Literary Studies 11, New Media 11, Spoken Language 11, EFP Literary Studies and Writing 11, EFP Literary Studies and New Media 11, EFP Literary Studies and Spoken Language 11, English 11, Provincial English 11, English First Peoples 11, or ENG 052; or English Assessment.
  • C+ in one of Principles of Math 11, Foundations of Math 11, Pre Calculus 11, MAT 053 or MAT 055; or Math assessment.
  • Take SSA-101L;

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