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THM-320 Directed Independent Studies in Tourism

3 credits

This course provides students with an opportunity to engage in independent research or study outside of the traditional classroom environment. Working under the supervision of a Tourism faculty member students can develop research skills and integrate theoretical knowledge with practical experience in an applied setting. Once a project has been agreed upon, the student is responsible for developing an independent work plan which will include timelines, outcomes that fall within criteria established by the Dept. and agreed upon evaluation tools. This course is unique in that students have the flexibility to pursue projects of personal interest of to participate in existing regional or international projects and receive credit for their work.


  • Permission of the Department; Minimum of 15 credits in either the Tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma or Global Tourism and Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma; C in either ENG 115 Essay Writing and Critical Analysis or ENG 160 Effective Organization Writing.

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