History provides us with context and perspective to understand how we arrived at where we are today and to better imagine where we might go tomorrow.

It also challenges us to see through the eyes of others in our quest for wisdom and virtue.  Explore history by examining particular geographic regions such as British Columbia or Canada, or by looking through the lens of civilization, war and peace, or mythology.

Studying history develops critical reasoning and analytical skills, and provides an invaluable educational foundation for a wide variety of careers, including librarian, archivist, museum curator, teacher, researcher, journalist, lawyer or historian.

Meet the Faculty

Daniel Hinman-Smith

Daniel Hinman-Smith


Humanities & Social Sciences

PhD, History (University of North Carolina, 1993)

Subjects: History, Liberal Studies
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4024 | Location VLG - G06