University of Manitoba Student Mobility

Earn credit for your military training and rank. NIC and University of Manitoba work together to provide you with guaranteed credit for eligible NIC courses toward your university degree. Learn in-person at any NIC campus or via distance. You can complete your University of Manitoba degree online and access local learning support from advisors at both institutions.

 This program is currently not available to international applicants.
Where: College Wide
Starts: September, January, May, July

You can receive academic credit based on your rank, training and education. We understand military life and responsibilities and are here to support your post-secondary success.

Marie Ducharme, Coordinator, Assessment Services, Student Services, Comox Valley Campus

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NIC - University of Manitoba Transfer Courses

Please visit the University of Manitoba - Transfer Credit Database for the most up-to-date course information.



Admission Requirements

  1. There are no formal admission requirements to enter the North Island College - University of Manitoba Student Mobility agreement. Standard admission requirements to both institutions apply.
  2. Submit the North Island College Application for Admission form, writing University Studies - University of Manitoba degree path as the program name. Forms are also available at NIC’s Student Services/Registration office.
  3. Make an appointment with North Island College’s educational advisor by calling 250-334-5000 or 1-800-715-0914 to discuss eligibility, programs, and funding options to help you get started on the right track.
  4. Eligible Canadian Forces Members may apply to receive six unassigned academic credits toward their degree.

Before Classes Begin

Make sure your courses count. The University of Manitoba's Bachelor of Arts degrees have their own list of required courses and electives that count toward graduation. Review your program's first and second-year requirements, and then meet with NIC's military advisor to determine your best study plan.

Accessible Learning

Making education accessible for those with a documented disability is a key priority for NIC. We offer a wide range of services, supports and resources for students. For more information visit: Accessible Learning Services.

Program Highlights

Start your degree at NIC and earn a degree faster with NIC's student mobility agreement with the University of Manitoba.

The North Island College-University of Manitoba Supplementary Student Mobility Agreement gives new and current NIC students improved access to Bachelor of Arts general and integrated studies degrees at the University of Manitoba.

Choose from a growing list of approved first and second-year courses, from anthropology, math and biology to English, Spanish, geography, history, psychology, sociology and more. Then, take third and fourth-year courses from the University of Manitoba,on campus or via distance education, to complete your degree.

NIC courses can be taken in-person during the day or evening or via distance, depending on your learning style and schedule.

Career Opportunities

A Bachelor of Arts degree provides a solid understanding of the concepts and techniques in your academic field. Whether you want to explore your interests for personal development, earn your degree or start a new career, you’ll access a widely recognized, mobile degree path at NIC.

Canadian Forces Benefits

Canadian Forces members are encouraged to speak to the Personnel Selection Officer at their base to learn more about available educational opportunities.

  • Credit for rank. Canadian Forces members can apply to receive up to six 100-level unassigned arts credits toward their degree. When you take courses at the University of Manitoba, they will evaluate your degree credit for rank and for specific evaluated military courses and training. For more information, please see the University of Manitoba Military Support page.
  • Reduced residency. Canadian Forces members and their families are required to complete only 12 course credits from the University of Manitoba. Contact a University of Manitoba military advisor for details.
  • Seamless transition. Ready to start University of Manitoba courses? You can apply online. Once requested, NIC will automatically forward your official transcript at no charge to the University of Manitoba.
  • Student support. NIC’s military advisor can provide program knowledge and personal support to get you started. If military duties interrupt your coursework, advisors can help to arrange extensions on class assignments, authorize withdrawals and provide additional support.

Paid Education Opportunities

The Canadian Forces encourages all military personnel to consider academic upgrading. Personnel pursuing a college diploma or university degree through NIC or other academic institutions may be eligible to have their tuition fees, books and administrative costs reimbursed if those courses lead to a diploma or baccalaureate and are assessed as being beneficial to their current military occupation.

Individuals interested in pursuing academic upgrading should contact the Wing Personnel Selection Officer at 250-339-8211 ext. 8293 to explore opportunities.

Programs & Courses for Family Members

  • Degree options
    Start your education with NIC's wide range of university-level courses and complete your degree via distance education at the University of Manitoba. Or, talk to a student advisor about two-year associate degrees that provide credentials and block transfer to institutions across BC.
  • Employer Connections
    NIC's industry-recognized business and tourism degrees, diplomas and certificates offer co-op education opportunities and work placements to provide employer connections and hands-on learning needed to begin working in a new community.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I decide what to take?
    Come talk to us. Educational advisors can connect you with a growing list of courses approved for transfer to the University of Manitoba. Book an appointment to create a transfer plan that suits your interests and needs.
  2. Can't find your high school records? No problem.
    NIC's Assessment Services staff can help you determine what courses are best suited to your current skills. Most university-level courses require previous high school study called prerequisites. If you haven’t been to school in a long time or if your education records are unavailable, university transfer courses are still within reach.If you are a mature student, 23 years of age or older, and believe you have the skills to perform at the same level as students in the program, you can apply for a mature student declaration.If you don’t meet a prerequisite, but feel you have the skill set to be successful, you can meet with the instructor to discuss whether a prerequisite waiver is an option for you. There is no age limitation to apply for a prerequisite waiver but prerequisites are in place to ensure you succeed in the course. Meet with an educational advisor to determine the best options to meet your goals.
  3. Can I take courses at both institutions at the same time?
    Yes. Request a letter of permission from NIC, apply as a visiting student at the University of Manitoba and then register for your courses. When your classes are complete, request a transcript from the University of Manitoba and send it to NIC. We’ll apply transfer credit for your courses.
  4. What are credits?
    Credits describe a course's value. A one-term course, normally requiring four months of study (September to December, or January to April), equals three credits. Some courses are also available during the spring and summer sessions in a condensed format.
  5. I'm a military student, can I receive recognition for my rank, military education and training?
    Yes! At NIC, non-commissioned members at or above the Master Corporal/Master Seaman rank and officers at or above the Captain/Lieutenant (Navy) rank receive six unassigned arts credits to allow you to earn your degree faster. When you take courses at the University of Manitoba, they'll evaluate your military education and training to provide you with additional credits. 
  6. Can I get reimbursed for my tuition and books?
    Canadian Forces members are encouraged to speak to the Personnel Selection Officer at 250-339-8211 x8293 to learn more about available educational opportunities. 
  7. What if military duty or deployment interrupts my studies?
    As a military member, NIC allows you to withdraw from courses and receive a full refund when unexpected military duty interrupts your university study. You must withdraw from your courses as soon as possible and send documentation from a superior officer verifying your military obligations to NIC’s Student Services Office.
  8. What if my military duties cause me to submit an assignment late?
    It is up to your instructor to decide to accept a late assignment. Some instructors state their policy in advance while others address student needs on a case-by-case basis. Most instructors are very understanding, but you should contact them as soon as you realize you will be late. If you are called away on unexpected military duties and can not reach your instructor during their office hours contact an NIC military advisor.
  9. What if my military duties do not allow me to take my exam as planned?
    Late changes to exam locations may be possible. Contact NIC’s military advisor or the University of Mantioba’s Military Support Office for more information. 

Tuition & Costs Estimate

Additional fees may also include necessary equipment, supplies, NIC appointed uniforms, or field trips not included in these estimates.

While we do our best to share accurate and timely fee information, changes may occur. For more information, visit our tuition page.

Domestic Fees

per Course
Tuition $311
NISU Fees $15
Books $200
Learner Resource $15
Total $541

Tuition may vary from approximately $311 to $439 per 3-credit course. Lab fees vary from $0 to $345 depending on the course. Book costs are estimates for planning purposes.  Accurate book costs are available by course through the NIC book search.

Full-time students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory Health and Dental Benefit plan ($275).

Find out if this program is eligible for Student Aid BC funding.