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Access for Students with Disabilities

    Access for Students with Disabilities

    Skills Training and Support

    North Island College offers the Employment Transition program and a wide range of flexible courses designed to develop literacy, independence, employment, daily living, and workplace readiness skills.

    Check out the variety of access courses available to ASD students working toward personal and vocational goals. Contact your community campus instructor to talk about your education plan.

    Access for students with disabilities
    In class, I learned about being on time, being dressed right for the job, being ready to work my whole shift, being friendly at work, being safe on the job, and being a part of the work team. I got to do those things at work experience and now at my jobs. I feel good that I know what to do at work.
    Andrew Caufield, NIC student

    Study on Your Schedule

    At NIC, how you learn is up to you.

    Whether you take one course, study part time, or register for an entire Employment Transition program, we can help you reach your goals.

    Responding to
    Students' Needs

    Every year, NIC offers courses tailored to support students with cognitive or developmental disabilities.

    Each course is based on our students' interests in employment readiness, literacy, and independent skills, and so much more. These courses include:

    • AED-012 Introduction to Goal Planning & Personal Development
    • AED-013 Understanding Employment Fundamental
    • AED-029 Working Relationships
    • AED-031 Working with the Environment
    • AED-035 Self Employment Skills
    • AED-036 Intermediate Computer Skills
    • AED-043 Customer Service
    • AED-058 Workplace Literacy

    Check our full course list, or call our instructors to learn more about courses in your community.

    Planting the Seeds of Success

    In 2013, NIC student Andrew Caulfield created a new kitchen herb garden for the Salvation Army's Evergreen House in Campbell River.

    The garden was part of Andrew's work experience for the Employment Transition program, which has been helping students with cognitive disabilities for 20 years. Read the story in the Campbell River Mirror.

    Prepare for Employment

    Develop goals, work search and communication skills to prepare for employment and volunteer opportunities. You'll prepare a resumé, practice your interview skills, and learn more about expectations required in the workplace with NIC's Employment Transition program.

    Start Early!

    While most of NIC's Access for Students with Disabilities courses run between September and May, we begin our planning process each spring.

    If you are interested in specific courses, contact an instructor as soon as possible. That way, we can assess your interests and attempt to develop courses and supports to meet your needs.