The study of humans in the past and present, anthropologists look at human behaviour and societies to find answers to how early humans lived, why we behave the way we do in the present and how that could impact our future.

Cultural anthropology looks at topics such as linguistics, society, religion and politics, while physical anthropology includes the subfields of archaeology and forensic anthropology, exploring human behaviour through the examination of material remains.

Anthropology Courses

NIC offers 100 and 200 level anthropology courses including forensic anthropology, cultural anthropology and physical anthropology & archaeology.

Register in Anthropology Courses

Before you can register in a course, you must be accepted into an NIC program. You can study Anthropology through the following programs, or as an elective from any NIC program:

Career Opportunities

Anthropology prepares students for careers in:

  • archaeology
  • history
  • public relations
  • law
  • museum studies
  • international relations
  • tourism
  • political science

Meet the Faculty

Jennifer Botica

Jennifer Botica


Humanities & Social Sciences

PhD in Archaeology (Simon Fraser University, 2017)

MA in Near Eastern Archaeology (Universiteit Leiden, 2005)

Subjects: Anthropology, History, Liberal Studies