Sociology is the study of society, including social relationships, economies, and cultures.

Sociology encourages you to think about the connection between personal circumstances and public issues. It looks at the way social systems and institutions shape people’s lives and the way people organize to change society. Studying sociology can help you gain a better understanding of how the world works. You will develop critical thinking and research skills, especially around power and privilege.

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Before you can register in a course, you must be accepted into an NIC program. You can study Sociology through the following programs, or as an elective from any NIC program:

Career Opportunities

Five post-degree employment pathways for Sociology graduates

Government worker

Human resources specialist

Law enforcement officer

Social worker

Non-profit leader

Five post-degree educational options for Sociology graduates

Bachelor of Laws

Doctor of Medicine

Master’s degree in Counselling

Certificate in Planning

Bachelor of Education

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Jen Wrye

Jen Wrye


Humanities & Social Sciences

PhD in Sociology (Carleton University)

Subjects: Sociology