Digital Elevation Expertise

Through this online training, you'll gain in-demand expertise for the digital economy including digital branding, communications, marketing online sales and more. 

 This program is currently not available to international applicants.
Where: Comox Valley
Length: 10 weeks
Delivery: Digital

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A digital identity, once a luxury, is now an ever growing necessity in the "new economy" - with the shifts we're seeing day-to-day in this "new world" we're finding digital literacy, both personally and professionally, is more important than ever.

Serena Neumerschitsky, owner, SEA45 | Compliance, Consult & Creative and DEEP instructor

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  • DVX-001 Module 1: Introduction to DEEP
  • DVX-002 Module 2: Business Branding and Storytelling
  • DVX-003 Module 3: Digital Design
  • DVX-004 Module 4: Website Development Level 1
  • DVX-005 Module 5: Social Media
  • DVX-006 Module 6: Business Communications with Google
  • DVX-007 Module 7: Website Development Level 2
  • DVX-008 Module 8: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Analytics
  • DVX-009 Module 9: Digital Marketing Opportunities & Business Networking
  • DVX-010 Module 10: Digital Marketing Adverts & Content Creation

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How to Apply

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Accessible Learning

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Program Highlights

The Digital Elevation Expertise Program (DEEP) is a relevant, accessible online training program that will provide participants with in-demand expertise in the new age of the digital economy.

The program has NO COST to participants and is open to unemployed and underemployed (including part time and seasonal workers) people who want to update their skills and work for a local business or start their own digital consulting business. Participants will have access to a laptop computer, childcare and other supports. By the end of the program participants will be equipped to master sought-after skills required by employers in our region.


Module 1: Introduction

In Module 1 entrepreneurs will introduce themselves and possibly their business or business ideas, go over the fundamentals of the program and how it can propel them towards a long-lasting, self-sustaining, digital business career model.

Entrepreneurs will build an understanding of their course educational tools and how to work with the online platform provided.

Module 2: Business Branding & Storytelling

In Module 2 entrepreneurs will examine digital business branding development and digital marketing methods while discussing business plans, mission statements, and the value of story telling.

Entrepreneurs will understand how to build out a comprehensive “elevator pitch” that communicates their small business marketing story for their intended digital target market.

Module 3: Digital Design

In Module 3 entrepreneurs will assess digital logos and story telling visuals, how they correlate to digital brand development and digital marketing, and discuss how these are influenced by social, economical, and political factors of the ever-growing digital economy.

Entrepreneurs will recognize how to build out their branding with an understanding of visual messaging and produce digital logos with an understanding of assets and their specifications.

Module 4: Website Development: Level I

In Module 4 entrepreneurs will examine creating a digital presence through a registered business website while understanding the importance of a domain name. Entrepreneurs will discuss optional website programs and sales platforms ranging from Shopify to Weebly and which one will best suite the needs of each business, its online presence, and customer base.

Entrepreneurs will learn how to initiate a branded website with the host of their choosing, link their registered business domain name, and explore the range of templates and design concepts available to them through online website development.

Module 5: Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & More

In Module 5 entrepreneurs will focus on an overview of the fundamentals of social media including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter - and how to ensure they are pursuing their intended digital target market.

Entrepreneurs will recognize how to create a social media presence that conveys their business brand and marketing to the digital economy with an understanding of each platform’s digital asset specifications.

Module 6: Business Communications with Google

In Module 6 entrepreneurs will be exploring how to utilize Google for business communications, while applying their business brand message. Entrepreneurs will learn how to operate Google in the digital economy with Gmail, Google Business, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Google Docs and more.

Entrepreneurs will understand how to develop a professional Gmail and Google Business presence that properly conveys their brand message and digital business communication skills.

Module 7: Website Development: Level II

In Module 7 entrepreneurs will further refine their website knowledge with the additional information of linking their social media and Google Business presence, while utilizing it for a point-of-sales (POS) platform. Entrepreneurs will delve into the fundamentals of online and in person digital sales while exploring payment gateways, inventory tracking, shipping, applicable sales taxes, and how to fully display products and services online.

Entrepreneurs will know how to further build out their website and optionally create online inventory and sales accessibility to their products and services be it locally or nationally.

Module 8: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Analytics

In Module 8 entrepreneurs will learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization (SEO) and how to utilize them in order to grow the quality and quantity of website traffic and ultimately increasing the visibility of a business presence in the digital economy. Entrepreneurs will also examine analytics and how they are used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

Entrepreneurs will understand how to improve unpaid search results and digital presences on the world-wide-web and have developed an insight on how to utilize company analytic information in order to apply data patterns towards effective business decision making.

Module 9: Digital Marketing Opportunities & Business Networking

In Module 9 entrepreneurs will delve into how to establish digital sales leads, follow digital networking and marketing opportunities, deal with negative reviews and internet “trolls”, and build out digital entrepreneurial cohorts to keep themselves relevant and inspired.

Entrepreneurs will recognize how to create a significant library of digital press, business relationships, and peer groups – and will understand how to utilize those relationships.

Module 10:  Digital Marketing Adverts & Content Creation

In Module 10 entrepreneurs will explore different forms of digital marketing including the necessity of content creation and how to perpetuate content streams.

Entrepreneurs will know how to create content to produce unpaid search results through blogging/vlogging/youtube/podcasts/etc, work in partnerships utilizing affiliate and influencer marketing,