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Interactive Media

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Match your love for technology with your passion for design and gain the skills employers are looking for. With five different NIC Interactive Media programs to choose from, you'll keep pace with industry advances, connect with employers and explore your options in Vancouver Island's growing tech industry. Be in demand with NIC.

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NIC's Interactive Media graduates feature their work annually at the IMG Showcase, a public event hosted by each graduating class. Visit IM Design + Development, a site created by our own Interactive Media students to illustrate the diverse technology and creative work made possible in our programs.

Interactive Media
To view a collection of NIC student work samples, see photos below.
In today’s information-based society, the demands placed upon designers require intelligence, versatility, and an unprecedented level of technical knowledge. Design and technology overlap greatly in the real world and that is mirrored in this program.
Heidi Peterson, Chameleon Creative Graphic and Web Design Inc.
and North Island College graduate

 Making Sense<br>
 of Social Media

Making Sense
of Social Media

From manual cash registers to Facebook fan clubs: Second Page Books owner Craig Carson’s business leapt into social media world this month, thanks to NIC interactive media student Melissa Thompson. She’s advising him on how to take advantage of his love of books to create an online fan club as part of NIC’s Introduction to Social Media course. 

The course helps designers understand the legal, technical and optimization tools to analyze and improve a business’ social media marketing efforts. It is available as part of NIC’s Interactive Media programs and independently.

Optional Work Terms

Every year, students in their second year of the Web and Mobile Application Development, Communication Design, or Advanced Communication and Interactive Design diploma programs opt to complete a four-week work term to test their skills, show employers their skills and problem solving skills.

Students launch IM Interactive Media website

What started off as a class project in IMG-130 (Project Management) launched students Brittany King, Matt Boucher and Ian McKenzie into a summer internship with interactive media instructor, Megan Wilson. The team spent countless hours on content strategy and collection, asset production, copywriting, animation design, html, css and javascript coding, quality assurance, search engine optimization and endless design iterations to create a top-notch online gallery to showcase their program. Visit their site, IM Interactive Media, to learn more about what they do and how they do it.

<a href="/PDF_docs/interactive_media/Yosuke_Hasumi.pdf">Web Design & Development<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span><br style="outline-width: 0px; outline-style: none; outline-color: invert">
 Careers Start Here</a>

Web Design & Development 
Careers Start Here

NIC graduate Yosuke Hasumi credits NIC’s instructors and design courses for developing his capabilities and introducing him to the Comox Valley’s growing web design and development community. Read Yosuke’s story. 

 Refresh Your Tech Skills

Refresh Your Tech Skills

With NIC's Mobile Application Development certificate, gain the technical skills you'll need to address the changing digital landscape. Learn more.pdf