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University Transfer

Your University Starts Here

Are you looking for a new way to earn a degree that gives you a world class experience, with fewer costs, and more support? Check out the many benefits of starting your degree at NIC.

NIC Credential

North Island College offers dozens of programs leading to a certificate, diploma or degree. Earn an employable credential and qualify for advanced studies or transfer credit to your university program. Learn more…

Partnerships and Pathways

Take advantage of dual or guaranteed admission with our university partners. Apply at the start of your degree or complete university credit at NIC first. Either way, you’ll make a seamless transition. Learn more…

University Studies
Transfer into a specific major at any BC university or work closely with an advisor to create a study plan for the program and university of your choice in BC, Canada and around the world. Learn more…

Five Reasons to Study at NIC

1 Explore your interests. Start your degree.
Choose from more than 900 first and second-year courses in over 20 study areas and earn degree credit while you decide your path. Have a program in mind? Many NIC courses meet the entry requirements for university social work, medicine, dental, optometry and, veterinary medicine, and more. See our courses and sample study plans on our University Studies page.

2 Spend Less on the same degree.
Did you know students who live at home spend up to $10,000 less per year on tuition and living expenses than students at larger research universities? With two years of study at NIC, you could spend $20,000 less on the same degree. You’ll graduate with less debt and more financial options, whether you want to continue your studies, or enter the workforce.

3 Move, when you’re ready
Stay connected to family, friends, and employers while you work toward your degree. You’ll lower the stress of adapting to a new space in your first year, while gaining academic confidence and skills at NIC.

4 Prepare for Success
Did you know students who transfer to university often perform as well or better than students who enter university directly after high school? Recent studies show college students have higher grade point averages, and are more likely to graduate than students who started at university.* *Lunau, K. (2012, 11 13). All The Right Stuff , Macleans.

5 Access University Partnerships
Our growing partnerships and degree pathways to top universities in BC, Manitoba, and Portland State provide you with, more affordable access, smoother course transfers, streamlined applications at UVic, Royal Roads, the University of Manitoba, VIU, and more. Have another university in mind? Our University Studies courses provide unlimited transfer options to SFU, UBC, and more.

Create your customized education plan, today Find out more about how NIC’s partnerships and programs can help you succeed, talk to us. Speak to an advisor to create personal education plan, or if you’re ready, apply today.

Questions? Contact:

Kim Kobus
Educational Advisor


UVic Dual Admission Application Form

NIC Application Form
For universities other than UVic, write "Dual Admission" plus the university as the program name

Partnership Agreements