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Parking & Transportation

NIC offers many transportation options, including BC Transit, riding a bicycle, carpooling and driving to campus. Pay parking is in effect at the Comox Valley campus.

See How do I buy a parking pass? to pay for your parking pass.


Anyone parking at NIC’s Comox Valley campus requires an approved parking pass or permit. General parking is available seven days per week, from 7 am to 10 pm on a first-come, first-served basis.

Parking spaces cannot be guaranteed or reserved.

Parking map

Parking rates

Daily & Short-term Rates
Hourly 15 minutes (1 hour max) To purchase, pay at meter - $0.25
First 2 hours Yes Yes - $2
Additional hours after first 2 hours Yes Yes - $1/hr
Week days Full day rate from 7 am until 10 pm Yes Yes - $6/day
Evenings Evening from 5 pm until 10 pm Yes Yes - $3/eve
Saturday, Sunday and holidays Full day rate from 7 am until 10 pm Yes Yes - $3/day
Weekly 7 consecutive days Yes No $15 $2.14/day
Long-term Rates
Semester 120 consecutive days Yes No $150** $1.25/day
  • Eight short-term parking spaces have coin-operated meters, for parking up to one hour.
  • * Online purchases are subject to a $0.25 convenience fee.
  • ** Effective Dec. 15, 2016
  • Motorcycle parking is currently free, provided they are parked in motorcycle spaces near the bus loop or in areas of the parking lot not appropriate for regular vehicles. Parking on the grass, sidewalks, fire lanes and access routes is not acceptable.
Online Wallet

Purchase a pre-paid wallet online at and receive $60 in parking credits for $30. The wallet requires a credit card and applies to hourly and daily rates only. Find out more…

* All rates include GST

How do I buy a parking pass?

NIC’s parking is licence-plate based and does not require you to put a receipt in your automobile. We offer a variety of payment options, depending on your needs. Choose from:

Short term rates (less than 6 hours in length)

  • 15-minute parking available at one of eight hourly parking spaces with coin-operated meters. Meter parking is limited to one hour
  • Hourly rates available in two to five hour increments at a kiosk or online

Daily rates

  • Purchase at a kiosk or online
  • Be sure to use the red Passport Canada site. If North Island College does not come up after entering Zone 949 as your location, you may be on the American site.

Weekly rates

A 7-day weekly rate of $15 is available at parking kiosks.

Semester passes

  • Receive 120 consecutive days of parking for $150.
  • Available at a kiosk with a credit card. Students who wish to pay cash may do so at Komoux Hall Reception with their plate number and contact information. There is a two-day processing delay for passes.
  • Restricted to a single licence plate, non-refundable and non-transferable.


  • Buy your parking in bulk online with a credit card at or with the Passport Canada app for discounted rates.
  • It provides $60 in credits for $30.
  • Credits apply to hourly and daily rates. Weekly rates and semester passes must be purchased at a kiosk.
  • You must start a parking session each time you park on site using the Passport Canada App or website.
  • You can register multiple licence plates.
  • A 25 cent convenience fee will be charged each time you pay with your wallet. This is built into the online price.
  • Learn How to Load Your Wallet For The First Time pdf.

Where can I park?

All drivers have access to the same parking spaces. Designated parking is available for persons with disabilities and for delivery, service and maintenance vehicles.

Motorcycle and scooter parking is adjacent to the bus loop or in areas of the parking lot not appropriate for regular vehicles. Parking on the grass, sidewalks, fire lanes or access routes is not acceptable. See the map for marked parking spaces.

Disability parking

North Island College has various marked spaces available for persons with disabilities. Please see the map for locations.

People with disabilities must:

  • Display a valid disabled parking permit.
  • Purchase a parking pass through an onsite kiosk or Passport Canada.

What if I get a ticket?

Robbins Parking ( leave site) monitors the lots, administers violations and manages the appeal process. Please see the guidelines on the back of your ticket for payment details.

Violation notices will be issued for:

  • parking in the spaces for Persons with Disabilities without the required decal
  • parking in a designated service vehicle space
  • parking in any area not designated for said purpose
  • parking after your purchased period is expired

Vehicles will be towed for:

  • using a fraudulent or stolen parking permit
  • parking in a fire lane or along a yellow or red curb
  • unauthorized parking in a Loading Zone
  • parking in a manner that obstructs other vehicles
  • parking overnight
  • excessive NIC parking violations

Step-by-step appeal process

Make your concerns known

If you do not want to appeal the violation, but want to make your concerns known, email where an NIC staff member will receive messages.

Step 1: Robbins Parking

To enquire regarding your ticket or violation, please call 1-866-382-4439. All enquiries must be registered with Robbins Parking Service within seven days from the date of issue and must include personal contact information, the violation notice number and vehicle licence plate number. You may also fill out their online violation appeal form.

Step 2: North Island College

If you are unsatisfied with the results of your appeal through Robbins Parking, please email

You may be asked for the violation number, violation date, licence plate number, student or employee number (if applicable), your contact information and reason for your complaint. Requests will only be considered after you have received a Robbins appeal decision.

Parking Appeal Committee

Students, staff and faculty members interested in participating in a Parking Appeal Committee, should email with “Parking Appeal Committee” in the subject line.

Parking alternatives

We encourage you to think green.

  • Bike racks are available at each campus building with additional racks planned.
  • Student bus passes are available at NIC Campus Store. For route and schedule information, visit or download the BC Transit app.
  • Carpooling is also encouraged.
Did you Know?
NIC's Zone Number is 949


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Passport Canada or
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