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Access for Students with Disabilities Services

Students with a documented permanent disability can access a wide range of support services, from education planning to adaptive technology.Some services, such as interpreting, captioning, alternate format textbooks, and access to adaptive technology, can take longer to organize than others. To ensure you receive the services you require, plan to contact us at least eight months ahead of time.

Services & Resources

Services & Resources

Students with a documented disability may be able to access a range of ASD support services and learning accommodations while at NIC.

Support services could include assistance with registration and admissions, information and assistance regarding permanent disability grant funding, agency and faculty liaison, support in meeting physical access needs, and education planning. Some services, such as interpreting, captioning, accessing alternate format textbooks and access to adaptive technology may take longer to organize. Plan to contact us at least eight months in advance to request these services.

When the academic requirements for a course or program present barriers to a student with a disability, accommodations may be necessary. An accommodation is a strategy that mediates the barrier/s without compromising the learning outcomes. A change or adjustment is made to how a student achieves the course requirements, such as an interpreter in lecture classes due to hearing loss, additional time for testing due to a processing difficulty, note taking, tutoring or other strategies. Students meet with a faculty member in ASD to determine their individual accommodation plan.

Students must:

  • Meet entry requirements and on-going academic standards
  • Provide acceptable documentation to NIC
  • Identify themselves to Access Services at the time of acceptance
  • Bring written requests for accommodation, or changes in accommodation, to the attention of Access Services at the beginning of each semester
  • Discuss their situation with their instructors at the beginning of each semester
  • Bring all requests for exam or test accommodation to Access Services in writing, at least one week prior to the scheduled exam/test
  • Inform Access Services of any important changes to their health or disability

Reasonable accommodation may include:

  • Assistance with admissions and registration
  • Development of an educational plan
  • Access to financial aid and funding grants
  • Agency and faculty liaison
  • Campus orientation tours
  • Exam accommodations
  • Interpreting and captioning services
  • Alternate format textbooks and handouts
  • Access to adaptive technology
  • Learning strategies support
  • Note taking
  • Tutoring
  • Physical Access

For more information on resources and assistance available, please contact the Access for Students with Disabilities office at the NIC campus nearest you.

What Students Say

"I believe in myself now.I used to believe I just couldn't do school at all, but I came to college and found there's a lot of resources to teach me a different way to learn.Don't give up -- it's worth it."

Michael Jewers, NIC student

"In the last three years, I've come to see that I can be a successful student, and I do have the tools it takes to get an education, and that's been hugely credited to Access Services."

Candice, NIC student

"There have been all kinds of ways that I've been helped by Access Services to accommodate my learning curves."

Kristy Rider, NIC student

Access Services Directory

Contact us for more information about access services, resources, and special programming.

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