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How to Start Upgrading

Whether you’re thinking of completing your grade 12, changing careers, or starting your degree, Upgrading can help you reach your goals. The following steps will get you started. If you have questions at any time, we’re here to help. Call Student Services at 1-800-715-0914 or email

Find Out if You Need to Upgrade

Come and speak with an Educational Advisor. Bring any high school transcripts if you have them. You will discuss your educational goals and determine if upgrading is needed. To book an appointment, simply call, email, or drop by your local NIC campus/centre today!

Apply to the Adult Basic Education Program

Apply for admission to the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program and pay the $25 admission fee (applies to new NIC students only). If a skills assessment is required, an additional $15 assessment fee applies, and you will be booked into a prep appointment with an Educational Advisor.

Attend Your Prep Appointment

During the prep appointment, you will meet your Educational Advisor and learn how to prepare for your assessment. You will also choose a convenient time to write your assessment.

Write Your Assessment

NIC usually offers assessment services twice a week at most campuses and centres. The assessment might feel like a test, but it’s just an exercise to help ensure that you are placed in the best possible course in order for you to achieve your educational goals.

Receive Feedback and Your Program Plan

Attend your feedback session, in person or by phone. You will find out which upgrading course is the best starting point for you. At this time you will also meet with an Educational Advisor to discuss options for your program plan. This is also a good time to ask about financial assistance if you require it.

Register and Start Your Classes

After you have met with an Educational Advisor, you are ready to begin your upgrading courses. You will register for the courses discussed, pay any required fees, purchase your books, and you’re on your way!