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Transfer Possibilities

Where can you transfer to? Virtually any post-secondary institution across Canada and around the world.

If you work closely with advisors at both NIC and your destination institution, your options are virtually limitless. Thanks to special province-wide agreements, the easiest option is to transfer to other colleges, universities, or institutes in British Columbia. Although the most common transfer destinations include the UVic, UBC, and VIU, many NIC students have transferred to institutions across Canada and internationally.

Sample Pathways: From Here to There

Here are just a few of the many transfer pathways available to NIC students:

Tourism & Hospitality Management diploma (NIC) Bachelor of Commerce degree (UVic)
Associate of Science degree (NIC) Bachelor of Education (VIU)
Dental Hygiene Transfer (NIC) Dental Hygiene diploma (VIU)
Pharmacy Transfer (NIC) Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy (UBC)

Due to the frequency of changes in post-secondary transfer agreements, requirements for the examples above are subject to change. For current information, always have an educational advisor check your study plan before registering in courses.

Other Transfer Benefits

Priority Registration at Vancouver Island University
If you are planning to transfer to Vancouver Island University (VIU) after your first or second year, you may qualify to receive the same registration priority as VIU’s continuing students. This will give you earlier registration and better course selection. Contact an NIC Educational Advisor to find out how.

Bachelor of Education program at Vancouver Island University
NIC students who have completed an Associate degree or 60 credits of university transfer coursework are eligible for direct admission into the third year of VIU’s Education program. Speak with an NIC Educational Advisor for details.