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What are Internships?

Internships, a type of work integrated learning, give students the opportunity to apply theories and methods learned in the classroom to situations and challenges encountered in the workplace. Interns are able to learn new skills and create professional contacts that will enhance their future employment, support their career success, and to prepare them for further employment or academic study.

At North Island College, internships are available to students in the following programs:

  • Global Business Management Post-Degree diploma
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management diploma
  • Adventure Guiding certificate

Internships and Co-Operative Education: What’s the Difference?

Internships are a form of co-operative education, but a few key variables separate the two programs. This chart outlines some of the differences between internships and co-operative education at North Island College. For more information, please contact the Student Employment Services at your nearest campus.

Condition Internship Co-Operative Education
Assignments tied to learning outcome and assessed by faculty Yes Yes
Employer feedback on student’s performance Yes Yes
Minimum of 200 hours sufficient Yes No
Multiple Work terms required No Yes
Normal tuition fee policy applies Yes Yes
Recognized as credited course Yes Yes
Student must return to school after work term No Yes
Work terms can occur at end of academic program but before graduation Yes No
Work term must apply academic learning Yes Yes
Work terms must be paid No Yes
Work term monitored by faculty Yes Yes

Global Business Management Post-Degree Diploma

Students accepted into this unique and customized program have exceptional academic qualifications. Interns have completed a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University and have met the NIC English Language requirements. In additional to their high scholastic achievements, these students are extremely enthusiastic and keen to gain a global work experience.

Students are available to work part-time or full time and will accept paid or unpaid employment. Internships follow a tri-semester timeline and commence in May, September and January each year. Employment opportunities are four months in duration unless otherwise agreed upon and must be a minimum 180 hours.

Global Business Management interns are available for the following positions:

  • Consulting
  • Financial Advising
  • Management
  • International Management
  • Marketing
  • Trade

For more information, contact Anita Budisa-Bonneau at 250-334-5007 or the Student Employment Services at your nearest campus.

Tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma

Students of the Tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma program participate in a mandatory internship, which provides practical experience during supervised, structured work terms.

A wide range of opportunities are available to choose from, not only on Vancouver Island, but elsewhere in Canada and around the world. Student Employment Services staff and program instructors work closely with students to determine how the work terms can best fit each student's individual interests and career goals.

For more information, contact the Student Employment Services at your nearest campus.

Adventure Guiding Certificate

During the Adventure Guiding certification program, students participate in two-week work placements which further prepare them for entering the industry, working in their chosen field, and finding employment in their preferred location.

For more information, contact the Student Employment Services at your nearest campus.