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For the 2017 Spring Exam Schedule, select your campus:

Exam time can be stressful, but the more you know about what to expect, the easier it will be. Before your first exam, read through the Exam Rules to give yourself all the information you’ll need for a smooth start. For more information, see the full exam policy online by checking College Policies and reviewing policy 3.09.

Exam Rules
Distance Exams
Exam Invigilation / Proctor Services
Counselling Services
Exam Schedule


What should I bring?

Generally, just bring your student card and a suitable writing instrument (pen or pencil) plus a backup. Before exam week, ask your instructor three things: (1) what the format of the exam is – multiple choice, essay, open book, (2) what materials are allowed – calculator, dictionary, etc, and (3) how long the exam is.

What else can I bring?

No food or drinks. Generally, no books, notes, blank paper, laptops, etc are allowed unless your instructor says differently. Cell phone, pagers, and blackberries must be turned off and left on the corner of your table.

What if I don’t show up?

In nearly all cases, you’re given a mark of zero on the exam. For serious and documented absences (illness, injury, or bereavement), talk to your instructor about rescheduling options.

What if I’m late?

You’re allowed in to the exam room up to 30 minutes after the start of an exam, but you won’t be given extra time at the end to finish.

What if I finish early?

You have to wait until 30 minutes after the exam started before leaving the room.

What if I need disability support services?

Special needs are gladly accommodated whenever possible, but arrangements must be made with the course instructor and Access for Student Disabilities at the beginning of the semester.

Can I write my exam on a different day?

Final exams for scheduled courses must be written by the student at the designated time.

What if I have three exams on the same day?

You will not be expected to write more than two exams in one day. If this occurs in your schedule, please speak to your instructors about rescheduling options.

What if I have two exams scheduled at the same time?

Please let your instructor know about the conflict right away to discuss rescheduling options.

Can I ask for an extension on exams or assignments?

In rare and unavoidable circumstances, students may request extensions on exams or assignments by applying for Incomplete Status (max. up to three months). Talk to your instructor or inquire at Student Services.

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Where can I write my distance exams?

Distance exams may be written at any NIC campus or centre*, but it is also possible to write your exam at another educational institute if it’s closer to you. To write an exam at another institute you will need to complete the
Off-Campus Exam Applicationpdf and submit it to Assessment Services for approval of your invigilator. Once your invigilator is approved permission will be granted for the exam to be released. Requests should be submitted no later than three weeks before a student hopes to do an exam. If you cannot attend a North Island College campus or centre, or another educational institute to write your exam, your exam may be written under the supervision of an approved invigilator. Please contact the Student Services’ Assessment Office to learn more about invigilation services.

How do I arrange a distance exam?

  1. Three weeks ahead of time, notify your instructor that you will soon be ready to write your exam. Tell them when (your desired test time) and where (which NIC campus or centre). They will send your exam to that location.
  2. Two weeks ahead of time, contact Student Services to make the booking at your chosen location. They will arrange for a test supervisor. It is important at this time to make sure your exam has arrived from the instructor.

If something serious or unexpected comes up, talk to your instructor immediately about your rescheduling options.

What should I bring?

Picture ID and your student number are mandatory for distance exams, so please bring your student card and a suitable writing instrument (pen or pencil) plus a backup. When you notify your instructor to arrange your exam, ask them three things: (1) what the format of the exam is – multiple choice, essay, open book, (2) what materials are allowed – calculator, dictionary, etc, and (3) how long the exam is.

* See the All Campus Open Exam Schedule 2017.

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Exam invigilation or proctor services are available to any individual requiring a supervised testing facility at all NIC campuses and centres. Invigilation services can accommodate individual or group requests for either online testing or pencil and paper administration.

NIC Exams

Students wishing to write an NIC mid-term or final exam should contact the local campus Assessment Office to confirm space and time availability.

Please note: NIC students must contact their course instructor to request that the exam be forwarded to the appropriate Assessment Service office. Arrangements must take administration time into consideration.

Pearson VUE Testing

Candidates interested in taking an IT certification exam at NIC's Comox Valley campus should schedule the exam through the Pearson VUE test takers webpage leave site.

For more information, visit NIC's Assessment Services.

Other Institutions’ Exams

Students wishing to write another institution’s entrance exam, mid-term, or final exam should contact the local campus Assessment Office to confirm space, time availability, and fees.

Please note: Students must contact the institution that is supplying the exam and provide them with NIC Invigilation Services mailing address and contact information.

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Nearly all students experience challenges, like not having enough time to get everything done, trouble preparing for exams, and writing term papers. NIC Counsellors are here to give you one-on-one help. Contact Student Services to book an appointment. See also Counselling for more information.

Exam Schedule

Select your campus for all your exam dates, locations, and times.

CVBIO-060-CVS1Jun 22, 20179:00 A.M.TYE 205Donna Harrison
CVBIO-110-CVS1Jun 22, 20179:00 A.M.TYE 205Donna Harrison
CVBIO-160-CVS1Jun 20, 20179:00 A.M.TYE 201William Hunter
CVBUS-100-CVS1Jun 20, 20179:00 A.M.TYE 203Norma Pelletier
CVBUS-350-CVS1Jun 17, 20179:00 A.M.TYE 202Judith Marriott
CVBUS-370-CVS1Jun 17, 20171:00 P.M.TYE 204Harley Elias
CVENG-098-CVT1Jun 20, 20179:00 A.M.TYE 205Laura Johnston
CVENG-115-CVS1Jun 19, 20171:00 P.M.TYE 202Stephen Schoenhoff
CVENG-115-CVS2Jun 19, 20171:00 P.M.TYE 202Lesley-Anne Watts
CVENG-120-CVS1Jun 19, 20171:00 P.M.TTB 104Sean Newton
CVENG-120-CVS1GJun 19, 20171:00 P.M.TTB 104Sean Newton
CVENG-160-CVS1Jun 19, 20171:00 P.M.TYE 203Erin McConomy
CVENG-160-CVS2Jun 17, 20179:00 A.M.TYE 114Patricia Carl
CVESL-089-CVS1Jun 20, 20179:00 A.M.TYE 113Norman Bendle
CVESL-090-CVS1Jun 19, 20171:00 P.M.TYE 113Suzanne Schiller
CVESL-090-CVS1Jun 21, 20171:00 PMTYE 113Suzanne Schiller
CVIMG-220-CVS1Jun 19, 20171:00 P.M.TYE 114Ashley Blacquiere
CVMAT-115-CVT1Jun 21, 20171:00 P.M.TYE 203Debra Cameron

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