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Grading System

North Island College uses the following grading system:


Letter Grade Point Percent

Letter Grade Point Percent
A+ 4.33 95-100
A 4.0 90-94
A- 3.67 85-89
B+ 3.33 80-84
B 3.0 75-79
B- 2.67 70-74
C+ 2.33 65-69
C 2.0 60-64
C- 1.67 55-59
D 1.0 50-54
F 0 (Fail) 0-49
DNC 0  
P N/A  

NIC Grade Point Average (GPA)

  1. For each course appearing on the transcript, the assigned grade point equivalent to the letter grade is multiplied by the credit value to obtain a weighted grade point value.
  2. These weighted grade points are summed. The credit value of each course is summed.
  3. The sum of the weighted grade points is divided by the sum of the credit values to obtain the grade point average. In the example below, Grade Point Average (GPA) = 36.0/13 = 2.77


Course Credits Grade Grade Point Equivalent Weighted Grade
      Equivalent X Credit Point





Value Value
BKK 160 2 B 3.0 2 x 3.0= 6.0
ENG 115 3 A 4.0 3 x 4.0= 12.0
MAT 066 3 C- 1.67 3 x 1.67= 5.01
SOC 110 3 A+ 4.33 3 x 4.33 = 12.99
HIS 060 2 DNC 0 2 x 0 = 0.0
PHI 100 3 NGR N/A N/A N/A
TOTAL 13       36.0
Grade Point Average (GPA) = 36.0/13 = 2.77


Acronym Meaning
AUD Audit
CIP Course in Progress
CS Continuing Status
EXM Exempt
INC Incomplete
NGR No Grade Reported
W Withdrawal

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is letter graded as above (A+, B, C-, etc.). Grade requirements differ in some programs. For example, 70% may be required to pass in many applied programs. Grade expectations will be communicated in each program.


Course Credit: In general, one (1) course credit is the equivalent of one (1) hour a week of classroom instruction (labs, seminars, etc. not included).

Grades: A grade is the measure of a student’s achievement in a course and is indicated on the transcript upon course completion.

  1. Primary Grades: Grades which are assigned based on the assessment of completed course work by North Island College instructors and include Percentage (%), Letter Grades, Did Not Complete (DNC), and Pass/Fail (P/F).
    1. Did Not Complete (DNC): The student does not complete required course work and does not formally withdraw from the course by the official withdrawal date. “Did not Complete” constitutes a failing grade.
    2. Pass/Fail (P/F): A grade of “P” indicates course outcomes have been met and credit has been awarded. A grade of “F” indicates course outcomes have not been met and credit is not awarded.
  2. Secondary Grades: Grades which provide for the assessment of achievement through other processes and include Aegrotat (AEG), Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), Transfer (TRF), and Transfer with “D” (TRD). The secondary grades that may appear on a student transcript are listed and described below.
    1. Aegrotat (AEG): The student receives course credit based on satisfactory term marks but has been unable to complete all course requirements due to demonstrated exceptional circumstances. All “Aegrotat” grades must be approved by an Instructional Dean.
    2. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA): Prior learning is assessed, and North Island College course credit is awarded. “Prior Learning Assessment” is indicated on the North Island College transcript with a grade awarded for the equivalent North Island College course. Grades awarded for Prior Learning Assessment will be the same as grades awarded for students who register in and complete course requirements.
    3. Transfer (TRF): Course credit is transferred from another accredited institution to North Island College. The course can be used as a prerequisite.
    4. Transfer with a grade of "D" (TRD): Course credit is transferred from another accredited institution to North Island College. The course cannot be used as a prerequisite.

Standing: Standing is an indication of a student’s status in a course. Standings do not carry course credit.

  1. Audit (AUD): The student satisfies course prerequisites, attends course classes, and completes course readings. “Audit” cannot be used as a prerequisite.
  2. Course in Progress (CIP): The student is currently enrolled in a course with a future end date. The final grade is to follow.
  3. Continuing Status (CS): The student is continuing studies in a course for an indefinite period beyond the registered end date of the course section. Final grading for the course has not occurred.
  4. Exempt (EXM): An exemption is based on documentation of successfully completed course work. Exempted courses allow a student to register in a course for which the exempted course is a prerequisite. Exempted courses do not carry course credit.
  5. Incomplete (INC): The student is unable to complete a course or program in the scheduled time due to demonstrated, exceptional circumstances. “Incomplete” is a temporary standing applied to a course for a specified period with an extended end-date specified.
  6. No Grade Reported (NGR): The student has completed the course but the grade is not yet submitted.
  7. Withdrawal (W): The student formally withdraws from the course by the designated withdrawal date (does not appear on transcript).