Student Complaints and Concerns

We recognize that students will, from time to time, have concerns about their educational or service experience and require guidance in addressing these concerns. We encourage members of the college community to settle any issues informally with the parties involved; a simple conversation will often resolve most issues.

When such efforts are not successful, NIC’s Student Complaint Resolution Policy 3-31 provides a more formal means for students to have their concerns addressed in a timely manner with a process that is transparent, unbiased and fair. We recognize that this can sometimes feel uncomfortable or even intimidating, but the policy and process have been developed to help students navigate difficult conversations and foster self-advocacy.

Each stage of the process is clearly laid out and the emphasis on procedural fairness means that all parties get the opportunity to address the concerns in a respectful manner. Remember, you will have a Complaint Advisor and/or North Island Students' Union (NISU) advocate to assist you every step of the way.

If you have a question, concern or complaint, please contact:

Director, Student Affairs

Or your North Island Students' Union (NISU) Student Advocate: