Field School Development

OGE works with faculty who wish to develop an International Field School. Developing and leading an international field school is a 12 to 18 month process, from conceptualizing the idea to evaluating the program and its delivery.

To discuss developing new International Field Schools for 2023 or later, contact

Where to start

The following phases describe the development of an international activity from the initial “idea” phase, through development, delivery, and evaluation. Templates are provided help guide through this process.

Step 1: You have an idea! Talk to your Dean and OGE!

Step 2: Your idea is viable!

Complete the formal Proposal Form which will include detailed information about your study abroad activity. You will also be required to complete a detailed Risk Assessment Form which will identify potential risks for the particular study abroad location, in consideration of socio-cultural, political, economic contexts. This information will help inform an Emergency Action Plan for all participants.

OGE can provide resources (contacts, websites etc.) and guidance to assist you in developing the proposal.

Step 3: Proposal Approval

Your proposal (including the Risk Assessment Form) will be reviewed by a Study Abroad Committee, comprised of the Manager of International Projects, Partnerships, and Global Education, the Executive Director of OGE, and the Dean of your department for feedback, recommendations and/or approval.

It is possible that more information, clarification or recommend revisions may be requested to your proposal. Once the Committee’s requests are addressed, you will be approved to move to the planning and delivery phase.

Step 4: Planning and Delivery

OGE will assist you in the planning and delivery of your activity, as outlined in your approved proposal. Communication with host partners, travel arrangements, pre-departure orientations, emergency management planning are all part of this phase.

Step 5: Evaluation and Revisions

Feedback and evaluation from leaders, participants and host organizations should be collected shortly after the completion of the study abroad activity. This information will be used to inform program revisions (where necessary) and on-going development. This decision will be made by the SA Committee together with the program lead(s).