Global Learning Initiative

GLI is a student-driven initiative in collaboration with NIC faculty and local partner groups, in support of NIC’s commitment to internationalization of post-secondary education within our institution. Students taking part in GLI are interested in developing a local community awareness of global health and participating in intercultural practicum opportunities.

The Global Learning Initiative has supported Bachelor of Science in Nursing students’ experiences in Rivers Inlet and Kingcome in BC and internationally in Australia, Uganda, Nepal and Mozambique and continues to strengthen cultural understandings through field schools to Indigenous and global communities.

Students also participate in local activities, including partnering with the World Community Development Education Society (WCDES) to present a film and speaker series at the Stan Hagen Theatre at NIC’s Comox Valley campus, centred on creating awareness of global health issues.

Guiding Principles for the Global Learning Initiative

  • Community development and partnership, locally, and internationally
  • Reciprocal relationships between partners, locally, and internationally
  • Increasing understanding of global health
  • Building on existing community assets and capacities, locally, and internationally
  • Developing long term relationships, locally and internationally
  • Seeking a global perspective that enhances student cultural awareness, locally and internationally
  • Seeking a global perspective that links local and international issues of social justice and equity
  • Developing student and community awareness, discussion, and commitment to social justice and equity
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