Application and Checklist

Student Safety Checklist

Once you’ve been approved to take part in a study abroad opportunity, there are several things you will need to do. Check to see if you’re ready to go!

  1. Complete the Study Abroad Application Package provided by OGE.
  2. Meet with the Travel Nurse at your local health clinic to determine and then receive appropriate inoculations and provide a copy to OGE
  3. For independent travel, purchase your airline tickets and provide a copy to OGE; for field schools, work with OGE to purchase flight tickets.
  4. Purchase medical and travel insurance and provide a copy to OGE
  5. For independent travel, arrange for accommodation and notify OGE of the address and phone number
  6. Complete the Emergency Contact Protocol
  7. Attend the mandatory pre-departure seminars
  8. Sign any necessary waivers and complete all paperwork required by OGE
  9. Register for your course/s to be completed while you are studying abroad
  10. Sign on to Travel and Tourism Canada. Review the Travel and Tourism Canada website and:
  11. Complete the Study Abroad Checklist

All documents MUST be sent to PRIOR to your departure.

Government of Canada Tuition Certificate

Exchange students are required to submit this form to the Canada Revenue Agency for tax purposes. Any student on an exchange program, where tuition is paid at NIC but courses are taken at the host institution, must have the host institution complete the Tuition Certificate form prior to returning home. This form, called TL11A, is necessary when filing your taxes and claiming tuition.

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