External Invigilation for Students

NIC provides exam invigilation for exams and/or assessments for external colleges, universities, educational and professional institutions at five locations. Please note each campus may have varied times and schedules, contact assessment services at your nearest campus for current information.

Please visit our open exam schedule for dates and times available at each of the four campuses. For testing availability in Ucluelet, please contact assessmentcvc@nic.bc.ca or 250-334-5014

Most institutions require you to complete a form to write your exam/assessment at another institution. It is your responsibility to get this form completed and sent in to your institution to ensure we receive the exam details on time. Once your external exam is scheduled with assessment services, please contact assessment services 2-3 business days prior to your exam date to ensure we have received the exam.

Accommodated external exams

As of September 1, 2019, assessment services will be providing invigilation services for accommodated external exams. This includes NIC students writing exams from other institutions.

If your external exam institution has approved your accommodations, please contact assessment services at 250-334-5014 or assessmentcvc@nic.bc.ca to obtain information on scheduling and fees.

Assessment services must receive supporting documentation outlining your accommodation(s) from your home institution at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled exam date. Without documentation, assessment services may be unable to provide the accommodation(s).

Contact assessment services at your nearest campus for more information.

Exam Invigilation Fees

$45.00 plus tax for exams between 1-3 hours in length. ($10 for each additional hour, or part thereof) Exam invigilation fees are non-refundable and must be paid in advance to secure your seat.

If your exam is longer than 3.5 hours, please contact Assessment Services directly for alternate scheduling options and fees

For more information on exam invigilation or to schedule an exam outside our current testing dates, please contact assessment services at your nearest campus.