NIC Student Distance Exams

NIC students have the option to write your distance course exams outside of the NIC region. You must complete the application for off-campus exam form at least 3 weeks before your exam date. Requests received after 3 weeks will not be processed.

How to apply for an off-campus exam:

  1. Find an organization or individual who will agree to be a test supervisor
    • This person must not be personally affiliated with you (i.e. family or friend)
    • Research your area to find an appropriate and approved Test Supervisor. Examples include: local college or university, public library, employment centre, accounting firm or school counsellor.
    • Test supervisors may charge a fee. You are responsible for all fees incurred.
  2. Complete the application for off-campus exam form. Be sure to include your test supervisor’s name, title, business address and professional email address (we will not send any exam material to personal email addresses (ex: yahoo, gmail, shaw, hotmail).
  3. Schedule a date to write your exam with your test supervisor.
  4. Your test supervisor will scan/email your completed exam back to your instructor.

Please note that you request will take approximately 15 working days to process.

Any questions or concerns, please contact assessment services: