English Placements

English placements provide a snapshot of your English skills to accurately place you in a course or program. English placements are available up to and including Grade 12 English and come in online and/or paper formats. Online assessments are done via ACCUPLACER—an online English placement tool.

Online English Placement (ACCUPLACER)

ACCUPLACER is an online* placement tool composed of three sections: reading comprehension, sentence structure (Writing Skills), and essay writing (WritePlacer).

The reading and writing skills sections are comprised of multiple-choice questions. WritePlacer evaluates your ability to write effective essays, which is a critical component to academic success. All sections are untimed; however, the average time to complete all three sections is 2.5-3 hours. For more details on each subsection, go to: https://accuplacer.collegeboard.org/educator/next-generation

You will receive your results within a week (often sooner) of sitting the ACCUPLACER. If you are taking the ACCUPLACER at the Comox Valley campus, it may be possible to receive your results on the same day. Results will also be inputted into our system and forwarded to the Admissions office.

*There is a paper and pencil option, please check in with assessment services or your advisor

How do I prepare for my English placement?

For ACCUPLACER, refer to the following links: