Off-campus Placements

NIC students have the option to write an assessment outside of the NIC region. You must complete the application for off-campus testing and obtain a student number before applying to write an assessment off-campus.

How to apply for an off-campus assessment or placement:

  1. Complete the application for off-campus testing.
    • If you require an English or Math online assessment it is recommended that the online proctoring service Examity be used. Please note that Examity can only proctor online assessments. There is a $25 fee to test with Examity. If using Examity as your online proctor please tick the box for Examity and do not fill out the proctor information on the form. It is not required.
    • If you require an in-house paper assessment you will be required to find an organization or individual who will agree to be a test supervisor. Be sure to include your test supervisor’s name, title, business address and professional email address (we will not send any exam/assessment material to personal email addresses (ex: yahoo, gmail, shaw, hotmail) or use Examity an online proctoring service.
      • This person must not be personally affiliated with you (i.e. family or friend).
      • Research your area to find an appropriate and approved Test Supervisor. Examples include: local college or university, public library, employment centre, accounting firm or school counsellor.
      • Test supervisors may charge a fee. You are responsible for all fees incurred.
  2. Schedule a date to write your assessment with your test supervisor. If using Examity a voucher will be emailed to you to set up an account and time to take your assessment. Please note that an assessment must be completed within 3 months of the initial request or you will be required to resubmit another request.
  3. You will be contacted directly regarding your assessment results.

Any questions or concerns, please contact assessment services: