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Joy of Lifelong Learning

Discover the Joy of Lifelong Learning at NIC! Students, 55 and up, access exceptional NIC faculty, facilities and more than 80 academically focused arts, science, creative writing and fine arts courses at reduced rates.


  • Choose from more than 80 diverse courses
  • Access NIC’s exceptional faculty and facilities
  • Pay reduced tuition
  • Engage with students of all ages
  • Explore new areas of interest
  • Keep intellectually active
  • Take as many Joy of Lifelong Learning courses as you like
  • Register within NIC’s academic timelines


What Can I Study?

Choose from a wide selection of Joy of Lifelong Learning Courses.

What does it Cost?

Each course costs $105 + administrative fees (application, student union and learner fees apply).

Who can Apply?

  • Canadian citizens and permanent BC residents, aged 55+, within the application term.
  • Students who pay appropriate tuition and fees no later than the first day of classes for the term.
  • Students who register as an auditing student in Joy of Lifelong Learning courses, as identified online.

How does it Work?

  • Students will not be charged a non-refundable deposit at time of registration but will be subject to fee and refund deadlines.
  • Students take as many Joy of Lifelong Learning courses as they like; however, they cannot register more than once for the same course at the reduced rate.
  • As audit students, in Joy of Lifelong Learning courses, assignments and exams are optional. Instructors have agreed to provide feedback on summary assignments and projects. However, university transfer credit is not awarded to auditing students on course completion.
  • Students who wish to register in courses for credit must pay the full tuition and meet the admission and course prerequisites.

How do I Register?

  • Once you find courses that match your interests, check the location and timetable to find courses that fit your schedule.
  • Bring your completed Joy of Learning application form and your ID with you to any NIC Registration Office. As an audit student, transcripts are not required; however, please review the course details so you will be prepared to join the class activity.
  • Once registered, you will receive an email to your personal email address providing you with an NIC student ID and log in information.
  • Pay your tuition and fees no later than the first day of classes for the term.

How is this Different from ElderCollege?

Joy of Lifelong Learning courses are available to students, aged 55 and up, who want access to NIC faculty, facilities, and academically-focused semester-long courses in the humanities and social sciences, English writing and literature, fine art and design and math and sciences. You'll join students of all ages in class discussions; however assignments and exams are optional.

ElderCollege courses are available to people 50 and up (55+ in the Comox Valley). The short courses and lecture series are volunteer-led and are offered in a relaxed, social environment on or near NIC campuses.

Registration Office Hours
Application form

Need Help?
Contact an educational advisor at 1-800-715-0914.

Interested in ElderCollege?
ElderCollege is a unique community of adult learners. There are no exams, no grades and no pressure; it's all about learning for fun! If you're interested in becoming part of the ElderCollege community, visit ElderCollege for more information.