Appointments, Elections, Remuneration

North Island College’s Board of Governors is elected, appointed and remuneration is based on the College policies and procedures.


The Board of Governors is made up of eight community members, appointed by the Lieutenant Governor, one elected faculty member, one elected staff member and two elected student members. The Chair of the Education Council and the President are ex-officio Board Members. The board chair and vice-chair positions are elected by the board annually.


The elections for the student, support staff and faculty positions to the board are held by the Registrar. The two student representatives serve one-year terms while the support staff and faculty representatives serve three-year terms. A by-election may be held once a year to fill vacant positions. Read the rules and regulations for the election of representatives.


Board members also fulfill committee and liaison roles and are paid honoraria for their service, following Order in Council #0180-1995.

Remuneration amounts are reported annually and listed below.

North Island College Board

2016-2017 Meeting Attendance and Provision of Honoraria as of March 31, 2017

4 BOARD MEETINGS HELD: June 9, 2016, September 22, 2016, November 24, 2016, March 9, 2016 (February 9, 2017 meeting cancelled due to snow)

Type of Membership Honoraria Board Meetings
Lamb, Derek
Board Chair, EC and PPCC Chair
Appointee $2,250 4
Bowman, John
NIC President
Ex-officio $0 4
Murphy, Jane
Board Vice Chair
Appointee $2,000 2
Bell, Bruce
Board Chair to September 2016
Appointee $2,250 3
Dickie, Leslie
Term ended January 2017
Appointee $1,000 2
Everson, Robert
Appointee $2,000 4
Gibson, Kim
FAC Chair
Faculty rep $0 4
Grant, Roy
GHRC Chair
Appointee $2,000 4
Hoefgen, Peter
Term ended October 2016
Student rep $1,000 2
Ishimwe, Ulysse
Term ended October 2016
Student rep $1,000 2
Johnson, Rhonda
Term ended December 2016
Appointee $1,500 2
Lightfoot, Dennis
Education Council Chair
Ex-officio $0 4
Mosley, Eric
Appointed December 2016
Appointee $500 1
Mundi, Jerry
Elected October 2016
Student rep $1,000 2
Mundy, Violet
Term ended July 2016
Appointee $500 1
Nelson, Kathleen
Term ended July 2016
Appointee $500 1
Phelps, Greg T.
Appointee $2,000 4
Reyno, Cathy
Support staff rep $0 4
Whitehead, Justin
Elected October 2016
Student rep $1,000 1