Explore Study Abroad pathways in Ireland

Plan now so you can travel the world and expand your education when international travel is reopened. There are exciting Ireland exchange opportunities through NIC with the Institute of Technology Carlow, the Institute of Technology, Tralee, and the Limerick Institute of Technology.

NIC's degree completion agreements mean you can start your training in culinary arts, business, fine arts or science at NIC, then transfer your credits to earn your degree in Ireland. Here are the pathways you can explore:

Start at NIC

Complete your degree in Ireland

NIC Culinary Business Operations Diploma

Limerick Institute of Technology Culinary Arts Degree (year 3)
NIC Culinary Business Operations Diploma

Institute of Technology Tralee Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts (year 3)

NIC Business Administration Diploma

Limerick Institute of Technology Marketing and Management Degree (year 3)
NIC Fine Arts Diploma

Limerick Institute of Technology Ceramics Degree (year 3)

NIC Associate of Science Degree

Limerick Institute of Technology Drug and Medicinal Product Analysis Degree (year 3)

Learn more about Studying Abroad by visiting www.nic.bc.ca/international/study-abroad/outgoing-exchange/.

To start your study abroad planning, contact the Office of Global Engagement. T: 1-250-334-5033 or istudyabroad@nic.bc.ca.