Students Supporting Students: A Training Series - Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence

NIC has joined Selkirk College and College of the Rockies to offer a series of FREE Students Supporting Students Training Workshops

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence is a workshop for all members of the campus community: students, faculty, administrators, and staff. This training helps learners respond supportively and effectively to disclosures of sexual violence. It includes a discussion of available supports and resources, the differences between disclosing and reporting, and opportunities to practice skills for responding to disclosures. Uses the Listen, Believe, Support model.

Registration closes 9 am on the Tuesday before the workshop. 

Email to register.

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These trainings were developed as part of BC campus's Mental Health and Wellness Projects and Sexual Violence Training and Resources Project.

Register for Students Supporting Students: A Training Series - Starting A Conversation About Suicide 

NIC is committed to providing all members of the college community with a safe and secure environment free from all forms of sexualized violence.

For more on sexualized violence and where to get help at NIC, visit