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Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Safety

Are NIC campuses open?

Yes, all NIC campuses are open. All services and supports are available.  Please visit the individual department pages for more information:

Will masks be required?

As of March 11, 2022, masks are not required in indoor spaces, however, students and employees may continue to wear masks if they prefer.

How are NIC classrooms and learning spaces ventilated?

NIC has upgraded HVAC filters to MERV 13 filters, which are changed regularly. Wherever possible, NIC has increased the amount of outside fresh air supplied to buildings so more internal air is vented to the outside. This enhances air circulation but can make it more challenging to heat and cool indoor spaces in the winter and summer. NIC’s HVAC systems can be augmented with portable air filtration units where they are needed.

Will students and employees have access to rapid testing?

Each NIC employee and student is eligible for one box of rapid tests (five tests per box). Test kits are available to be picked up at Student Services at your local campus.

What other safety protocols will be in place?

NIC follows the BCCDC’s Post-Secondary Public Health Guidance on safety protocols on campus.

What should I do if I don’t feel well and/or have COVID symptoms?

Anyone who is concerned they, or someone they have been exposed to, may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should complete the daily self-assessment using for symptoms and follow the protocols laid out on the BC Centre for Disease Control website, which are updated as direction evolves.

Employees and students in practice placements may also face additional protocols or requirements. Please talk to your supervisor or instructor for additional guidance.

Students who may want to be considered for medical withdraw should talk to an Educational Advisor/Indigenous Navigator/International Advisor before making your decision. Late withdraws for medical reasons will be considered.

What do I do if I’ve been diagnosed with COVID or informed by Public Health that I’ve been exposed?

Follow the directions of Public Health, including self-isolation. Advise your instructor if you will miss class.

Do I have to provide proof of a negative COVID test after being away with COVID or completing an isolation period?

No. We ask that you follow Public Health guidance for self-isolation and return to class when public health directs you to do so. Public Health has confirmed that the isolation period is longer than the time period while a person would be contagious.


Where do I get a vaccine?

Information on Island Health COVID-19 clinics is available online at:

To register and book with the Get Vaccinated system, visit: 

Will vaccinations be required on campus?

Proof of vaccination will not be required to be on NIC campuses.

However, NIC fully supports recommendations by BC’s Provincial Health Officer and strongly encourages all eligible students to get their COVID-19 vaccination.

What if I got vaccinated in another province or country?

Anyone who received COVID-19 vaccines in another province or country should submit their vaccination record to BC’s health system to determine if they require additional immunization. This is particularly important for international students, as they may have received vaccines not currently approved by the World Health Organization. Additional vaccination may be recommended in some cases. Information on how to register your vaccine is available through the BCCDC.

There are three easy steps to submitting a vaccination record and determining vaccination needs. As the review process can take time, Island Health recommends completing this process as soon as possible.

Help is available in many languages. Service is available daily from 7 am to 7 pm, or 9 am to 5 pm on holidays. To speak with someone please call 1-833-838-2323. Telephone service for the hearing impaired is available at 711. The B.C. government’s vaccination website is also available in languages other than English.

Learn More about COVID-19

A toll-free number has been established for Canadians 1-833-784-4397 to answer general questions about COVID-19.

Additional resources: