Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics and Statistics are both important for studying and understanding our universe, and are essential to studies in science, business, economics, and in social sciences. The field of mathematics is very broad, and includes geometry, logic, number theory, calculus, and more.

Mathematics and Statistics courses

NIC offers a wide range of Mathematics and Statistics courses including calculus, matrix algebra, finite mathematics, discrete mathematics, applied mathematics for computing, and an introductory statistics course.

Register in Mathematics and Statistics Courses

Before you can register in a course, you must be accepted into an NIC program. You can study Mathematics and Statistics through the following programs, or as an elective from any NIC program:

Potential Educational Pathways

Most university and college programs will have some math and/or statistics requirement. NIC math and statistics courses have broad transferability into most degree programs across the province, as well as supporting our own programs. Consult the BC Transfer Guide online for full transferability of each math and stats course.

Meet the faculty

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