Outgoing exchange

An exchange program is designated by a formal agreement between two institutions. This formal agreement provides for students to study at a partner institution for the cost of tuition at their home institution. Normally the two institutions, through the appropriate academic department, determine course transfer ability. There is usually an equitable number of students from each institution involved in the exchange over a two or three year time frame. Students seeking exchange with a post secondary program not on our current exchange list are encouraged to contact the Office of Global Engagement.

Application Package

Study Abroad Application

Highlights of Exchange

  • Pay NIC tuition, not the tuition of the institution where you're headed.
  • Receive NIC academic credit for work you do abroad, without increasing the time it takes to complete an NIC degree or diploma.
  • Spend a term of study in another culture and maybe in another language.
  • Travel before and/or after your study.
  • Build your international network of friends.

Outgoing Exchange Opportunities

Costs & Logistics

NIC Department Chairs will assist you in course selection at the host institution. Pay your regular NIC program tuition while studying abroad. Your hosts will assist with finding accommodation in student residences, apartments, or homestays. You are responsible for your own travel and living costs, estimated at $6,000 (approx.) per semester. To find out if you qualify for financial assistance, check the Study Abroad Financial Support webpage.

For More Information

Contact the Office of Global Engagement at 250-334-5033 or drop by the OGE office in Puntledge Hall, Room 108.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer with Students Without Borders (a Uniterra program). Contribute to development work across 15 countries in Africa, Asia, or Latin America through three to eight-month internships. Gain valuable skills and work experience while living and working in another culture. For more information, visit www.uniterra.ca and contact the Office of Global Engagement at istudyabroad@nic.bc.ca.

Volunteer Opportunities with WUSC (World University Service of Canada). As a WUSC volunteer, you will use your expertise and experience to collaborate with WUSC partners, such as a non-governmental organization, an organization in the public or private sector, or a social enterprise in a country in Asia, Africa or the Caribbean. You will be co-creating youth-inclusive, gender-responsive and market-relevant initiatives, programs and services. Current opportunities can be found online at wusc.ca/volunteer/opportunities/ . Contact istudyabroad@nic.bc.ca for more information.

Specialized Exchange

Specialized exchange programs are exchange programs with financial supports for students, normally supported by additional funding such as government or industry-supported programs. Specialized exchange programs might also have unique learning opportunities, such as a targeted research project.

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