Faculty Profile - Alix Carrel

Alix Carrel

Alix Carrel


English, Humanities & Social Sciences

PhD, Comparative Literature and Languages (University of Paris, 2004)

Subjects: French, Spanish

Alix Carrel has been a French and Spanish language instructor at NIC for the last 23 years. She was initially hired to teach the French program and ended up creating a first and second year Spanish program shortly thereafter. Her courses focus on language, culture as well as literature and translation at a more advanced level. In addition to serving on various committees, she is chair of the Humanities & Social Sciences department.

She obtained her first degree and Masters of Arts at The University of Calgary and later completed her Doctorate in Comparative Literature and Languages at the University of Paris. Her areas of research have included the development of Literary Magic Realism in Europe and in America as well as some aspects of linguistics and translation studies. To this day, her first passion is teaching languages, translation and comparative literature. She is involved in many community and international projects through the Comox Rotary Club and Rotary International.

PhD, Comparative Literature and Languages (University of Paris, 2004)

MA, French literature (University of Calgary, 1990); BSc (University of Calgary, 1988)

FRE-100 Beginners French I

FRE-101 Beginners French II

FRE-120 Beginners French III

FRE-121 Beginners French IV

FRE-145 Intermediate French I

FRE-146 Intermediate French II

FRE-265 Advanced French I

FRE-266 Advanced French II

FRE-280 La Traduction: Translation (A)

SPN-100 Beginners Spanish I

SPN-101 Beginners Spanish II

SPN-200 Intermediate Spanish I

SPN-201 Intermediate Spanish II

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