How to Apply

Apply online for upgrading, certificate, diploma, degree and post degree programs.

If you identify as a student with a disability and require academic accommodations, please make an appointment with the Department of Accessible Learning Services (DALS) faculty.

Apply to NIC in four easy steps

  1. Select your program

    Explore NIC Programs and choose the program that you want to apply to. Once you have decided, go to EducationPlannerBC to submit your application.

  2. EducationPlannerBC

    Click on Choose Sign Up for your Education Planner BC Account at the bottom of the page and create your profile.

    OR If you already have an account at, enter your username and password. Once your profile is complete, select North Island College from the list of institutions.

  3. Complete Application, Program Selection

    • Select New Applicant
    • Select the subject area
    • Select the program
  4. Review & Submit

    • Pay the application fee of $25
    • Confirm your email address
    • Confirm the information is true and correct
    • Submit

You’ll receive confirmation of your application to NIC from EducationPlannerBC at the email address you’ve given to EducationPlannerBC. Please note that admissions to most programs are based on first applied, first qualified, first invited.

Next Steps

Activate your NIC Email

Once you have completed your application, you’ll receive an email from NIC acknowledging your application and giving you your NIC email address and instructions on how to log into your myNIC account.

Log in and activate your account. All communications from NIC will come to your NIC email.

Visit Student Technical Services for help setting it up on your phone.

Once you have activated your account the NIC admissions team will guide you through the remaining steps in the application process.

We're here to help

You don't need to have all the answers. Contact us to book an appointment:

1-800-715-0914 (toll-free in Canada)