Faculty Profile - Dennis Lightfoot

Dennis Lightfoot

Dennis Lightfoot



MSc in Agricultural Engineering (McGill University, 1992)

Subjects: Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5044 | Location VLG - N1

MSc in Agricultural Engineering (McGill University, 1992)

BSc (Agr. Eng) McGill University, 1990.

ENR-110 Introduction to Engineering Design

MAT-133 Matrix Algebra

PHY-050 College Preparatory Physics I

PHY-060 College Preparatory Physics II

PHY-100 Introduction to Physics I

PHY-101 Introduction to Physics II

PHY-120 Principles of Physics I

PHY-121 Principles of Physics II

PHY-141 Mechanics I (Statics)

PHY-170 Engineering Mechanics 1: Statics and Dynamics

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