Faculty Profile - Georgie Harrison

Georgie Harrison

Georgie Harrison



M.Sc., Biology (University of Northern British Columbia, 1999)

Subjects: Biology

Georgie Harrison has been teaching biology courses at NIC since 2006, following teaching appointments at Vancouver Island University and the University of British Columbia. She completed her M.Sc. degree at the University of Northern British Columbia where she studied the ecology of mountain goats in northwest Alberta.

Georgie’s academic training and research experience has focused on wildlife and the ecosystems that support wildlife populations. Before pursuing a teaching career, she was a research biologist and studied a variety of terrestrial species — everything from deer mice to grizzly bears!

In addition to her research work in BC, Georgie has provided guidance and field assistance to research projects in California, Europe and remote areas of Argentina, Botswana, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Laos.

Research remains an important part of Georgie’s career and she continues to participate in research projects both locally and abroad. She strives to integrate research components into her courses and provide opportunities for her students to engage in applied research activities. A prime example is her current involvement with Comox Valley Project Watershed on the organization's forage fish research project, which resulted in volunteer opportunities for eight NIC biology students. Georgie also continues to support students pursuing NIC’s BIO-250 (Directed Independent Studies in Biology) course.

M.Sc., Biology (University of Northern British Columbia, 1999)

B.Sc., Biology (Simon Fraser University, 1988)

BC Professional Teaching Certificate - K-12 (1994)

Teacher Education Program (PDP) (Simon Fraser University, 1994)

BIO-060 Concepts in Biology I (Inhabiting the Human Body)

BIO-102 Principles of Modern Biology II

BIO-103 Principles of Modern Biology 1

BIO-110 Concepts of Biology I (Inhabiting the Human Body)

BIO-111 Concepts in Biology II (Inhabiting the Earth)

BIO-160 Human Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO-161 Human Anatomy & Physiology II

BIO-230 Principles of Ecology

BIO-250 Directed Independent Studies in Biology

Harrison, D.G., M.P. Gillingham, and G. Stenhouse. 1999. Comparing methods to determine distribution and movement patterns of forest-dwelling mountain goats. Tenth Biennial Symposium of the Northern Wild Sheep and Goat Council. 10:89-93.


Milne, D.G., A. Harestad, K. Atkinson. 1989. Diet of wolves on northern Vancouver Island. Northwest Science. 63(3):83-86.

Comox Valley Project Watershed and North Island College Fish Forage Surveys

Georgie Harrison and NIC students partnered with Comox Valley Project Watershed to help with an important forage fish research project.

NIC biology students helping with Project Watershed research

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Project Watershed Forage Fish Video

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