Faculty Profile - Nadine Simpson

Nadine Simpson

Nadine Simpson


Adult Basic Education

BSc, Biology (Vancouver Island University, 2006)

BA, Anthropology (Vancouver Island University, 2006)

Subjects: Mathematics

Nadine Simpson, NIC Adult Basic Education Instructor and Department Chair is a passionate educator, committed to student success and has helped countless students reach their post-secondary goals.

 "I love meeting students and learning their interests and personalities, but I also really love the little lightbulb moments when a student truly grasps a concept or accomplishes a word problem that they never thought they could do - leading to smiles all around," said Nadine when we asked her what inspires her in her work.

"When people come into the upgrading program it is often after a long absence from school or they are coming to us quite soon after attending high school, but they didn’t take the courses they needed to pursue their goals. When I meet my students I often ask them what their goals are and we talk a little about a plan to reach that goal. I find this helps with the general sense of fear that people having when coming to upgrade, especially math. It is often the case that the students are not where they want to be due to maturity in high school or life circumstance - not intelligence! I assure people of their capabilities and that when they focus on their goals they can achieve most anything!"

BSc, Biology (Vancouver Island University, 2006)

BA, Anthropology (Vancouver Island University, 2006)

MAT-017 Fundamental Math Level 1

MAT-018 Fundamental Math Level 2

MAT-019 Fundamental Math Level 3

MAT-027 Fundamental Math Level 4

MAT-028 Fundamental Math Level 5

MAT-029 Fundamental Math Level 6

MAT-033 Intermediate Mathematics I

MAT-034 -Intermediate Mathematics II

MAT-053 Advanced Mathematics

MAT-060 Provincial ABE Mathematics

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