Faculty Profile - Rachel Goodliffe

Rachel Goodliffe

Rachel Goodliffe


Practical Nursing Program

Masters in Nursing, Teaching Focus (Athabasca University, 2015)

B.Sc. in Nursing (University of Victoria, 2009)

Subjects: Nursing, Practical Nursing Diploma

I achieved my Registered Nurse (RN) diploma in the UK and then transitioned to earn my B.Sc. in Nursing here in Canada at the University of Victoria. As well as becoming a nurse in the UK, I achieved registration as a midwife and after years of practice, I travelled to the Cayman Islands and New Zealand for additional work experience in this field.

I came to Canada in 2002 and following the birth of my second child, I decided to actively pursue another interest in nursing — education. I joined NIC in 2004 as a sessional instructor and became a full-time faculty member in 2007. I graduated from Athabasca University in 2015 with a Masters in Nursing degree (teaching focus).

I currently teach both clinical practice and nursing theory in the Practical Nursing Diploma program. I love the challenge that my job provides and am constantly in awe of students in our program, especially when they overcome adversity to gain success — I learn a lot from them! 

Masters in Nursing, Teaching Focus (Athabasca University, 2015)

B.Sc. in Nursing (University of Victoria, 2009)

Registered Nurse (United Kingdom, 1989)

NUR-102 Relational Practice I: Self and Others

NUR-104 Nursing Practice I: Introduction to Nursing Practice

NUR-113 Professional Practice II: Introduction to the Discipline of Nursing

NUR-114 Nursing Practice II: Coming to Know the Client

NUR-175 Consolidated Practice Experience I

NUR-204 Nursing Practice III: Promoting Health And Healing

NUR-214 Nursing Practice IV: Promoting Health and Healing

NUR-276 Consolidated Practice Experience II

PNS-111 Professional Practice 1

PNS-112 Health Promotion 1

PNS-114 Professional Communications 1

PNS-116 Integrated Nursing Practice 1

PNS-117 Consolidated Practice Experience 1

PNS-121 Professional Practice 2

PNS-122 Health Promotion 2

PNS-124 Professional Communications 2

PNS-126 Integrated Nursing Practice 2

  • Group Pregnancy Research Project Presentations:

    Group Prenatal Care Model and Evaluation. Inspirenet NES Webinar (March 2013) and CAEN Conference 2013, Nanaimo BC. Hartman, R., Goodliffe, R.,Woodrow, D., & Oberik, L

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