NIC donors help more students than ever in the Comox Valley

NIC Bachelor of Science in Nursing student Keisha Korhonen Henry spoke about the impact of support from donors at the annual NIC Foundation donor recognition awards in the Comox Valley.

More than 235 NIC students in the Comox Valley received a record $258,000 in NIC scholarships and bursaries this year, thanks to generous NIC Foundation donors

NIC Nursing student Keisha Korhonen Henry spoke at the donor reception recently to thank those who have supported her during her time at NIC.

“Every scholarship and bursary I have received throughout this program has been enormously appreciated,” said Korhonen Henry. “Attending school for four years as a parent is stressful enough with the workload required to complete assignments plus maintain a household. Every time you donate to a student bursary or scholarship, you are alleviating stress from a student who may someday be your nurse, your accountant, your carpenter, your mechanic or your office administrator.”

This year, $534,000 in scholarships and bursaries were made available to NIC students across the region.  

“It’s incredible to see the difference that scholarships and bursaries can make to our students as they pursue their educational goals,” said Randall Heidt, Executive Director of the NIC Foundation. “We would not be able to provide this record level of support without the generosity of our donors who continue to invest in education and the future of our students and the community.”

The NIC Foundation has been advancing student success, education and community growth through NIC for more than 26 years. It supports NIC students through scholarships and bursaries, equips classrooms with current technology and ensures the best possible learning facilities are accessible on the Central and North Island. It envisions a future where every student has the opportunity to pursue post‐secondary education, train for a new career or develop employable skills to support themselves and their families.

To support the NIC Foundation and make a difference in the lives of post‐secondary students, call 250-334-5074 or visit

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