Developing Value-Added Food Products from BC Kelp

The Canadian seaweed industry requires high-value products that reflect the local, organic, and eco-friendly farming and processing practices. This project will address methods for processing kelp species into value-added products.

Project Dates: June 2022 – September 2022
Funding Amount: $30,000
Number of Student Researchers: 1

Project Summary

Sea Forest Macro Algae Ltd. aims to spearhead the underdeveloped seaweed-based food market in Canada by producing a variety of food products. Seaweed can be enjoyed as a dried, pickled, or fermented snack, but little is documented about turning Canadian seaweed species into valuable products such as pastas or noodles. Establishing the equipment and processing procedures required to create these products in a systematic and commercially viable way is a key part of the project NIC aims to address.

Research Team

Logan Zeinert
Logan Zeinert, Senior Research Technician
Logan hails from New Zealand but completed his master’s degree at Memorial University in Newfoundland and Labrador. Logan has extensive marine surveying and aquaculture research experience and is an accomplished diver. Logan’s work on kelp has involved permitting sites, determining yields and biomass, planning hatcheries, and processing harvested kelp.
Kristina Long
Kristina Long, Founder/CEO Sea Forest
Kristina developed the concept for Sea Forest in 2016 as a professional coastal mariner and a first-time wild harvester. Her fascination with sea vegetables was originally sparked in 2015 when she participated in the EU-funded consortium for the development of Seaweed Bioplastics. Returning to work at sea, Kristina teamed up with a chef to curate a menu of locally harvested kelps and seaweeds while operating a luxury passenger vessel throughout Haida Gwaii, the central coast and Vancouver Island. In 2017, she launched a pilot kelp farm in Barkley Sound and immediately set her sights on the Salish Sea. In 2020, Kristina launched the first line of retail food and agricultural products derived from sustainably harvested Pacific Sea Kelp. Kristina continues to act as a mentor in the marine industry as one of a few female captains with over 80,000 nautical miles. One of her hopes for Sea Forest is to introduce kelp aquaculture as a vehicle to inspire youth and local First Nations into seagoing careers.
Melissa Roberts
Melissa Roberts, Student Research Assistant
Melissa is a second-year student at NIC pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology. She is passionate about protecting and restoring ecosystems and learning more about our local marine environment. Melissa anticipates gaining relevant experience working with CARTI that will further her knowledge in applied sciences for future endeavours.