Shellfish Printer and Grader

North Island College (NIC) has worked closely with the shellfish industry to identify equipment that will provide improved opportunities for applied research, increased production capacity and greater collaboration between the college and local shellfish growers.

Project Dates: June 2019 – June 2020
Funding Amount: $142,400

The tag printer will ensure compliance with federal government regulations.

Project Summary

Equipment received by North Island College (NIC) will foster collaboration between the college and the BC shellfish aquaculture sector, through the integration of new technologies into the operations of shellfish producers. The equipment will directly support collaborative projects seeking to improve the traceability, revenues and operational efficiencies of local shellfish producers.

The British Columbia shellfish aquaculture industry is comprised largely of small and medium sized companies that are scattered throughout the coastal communities of Vancouver Island and the BC mainland. BC shellfish products are in high demand in domestic and global markets and the shellfish sector is continually seeking ways to advance sustainable growth of the industry.

The equipment identified by industry includes an automated shellfish grader and a tag printer for harvested products. Initial projects will focus on applications related to the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas), which is cultured throughout the coast and has the largest harvest volume of any BC farmed shellfish species.

This equipment will enhance NIC's capacity to collaborate with local shellfish companies on innovative applied research opportunities.


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