Exam Schedule

We want you to be prepared for your exams. Exam schedules are published on specific dates each term. Those dates are confirmed in the Academic Schedules and Deadlines.

Scheduled final exams for lab science courses are identified by the lab section. Students should attend the final examination for the course based on the lab section in which they are enrolled.

Please check your room allocation prior to writing the exam as room assignments may change.

Students are reminded to check Blackboard announcements and their college email for final exam instructions.

Spring 2022 (7-week Spring Intersession) Exam Schedule



Spring 2022 (13-week) Exam Schedule

Location Course Date Time Room Instructor
CV POL-203-CVSA 3-Aug-22 1:00 P.M. TYE 203 Daniel Webb
CV PSY-130-CVBA 4-Aug-22 1:00 P.M. TYE 203 Marla Morden
CV SOC-110 CVSA 3-Aug-22 9:00 A.M. TYE 204 Katherine Watson
CV BIO-060-CVSA 2-Aug-22 9:00 A.M. TYE 203 Angela Spooner
CV BIO-110-CVSA 2-Aug-22 9:00 A.M. TYE 203 Angela Spooner
CV BUS-100-CVSA 8-Aug-22 1:00 P.M. TYE 203 Yuh-Ren Lin
CV BUS-150-CVSA 3-Aug-22 9:00 A.M. TYE 203 Gordon Mason
CV BUS-162-CVSA 4-Aug-22 9:00 A.M. TYE 203 Gordon Mason