Student Identification

An NIC Student ID confirms your NIC student status and student number. You are eligible to receive a free Student ID card once you have registered in one or more credit courses.

You’ll need to show your NIC student card when:

  • Borrowing library materials from the library
  • Registering or withdrawing from courses in person
  • Voting in elections of student representatives
  • Buying computer software at the bookstore in order to receive student pricing

Getting your ID

While social distancing restrictions are in place, please order your photo ID card by mail using the following steps:

  1. Ensure we have your current address on file. To check or update your record,
    1. go to the Self-Service menu on myNIC
    2. go to User Profile
    3. check and update accordingly.
  2. From your NIC email, send an email to include
    1. a jpeg headshot between 10-2500 KB,
    2. a clear copy of another photo ID (driver’s license, passport, BC ID, etc.)
  3. Once student services have received your jpeg headshot, they will produce your ID card and mail it to the address we have on file.

Replacement cards will be issued at a cost of $10.