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Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-0001-CRS1 CR Apr 30 $10.00


Lapidary Skills

Instructor: Steve Cooley. Learn how to safely use each piece of lapidary equipment in Ripple Rock Gem and Mineral club's shop. The shop has a large slab saw, 2 smaller trim saws, several grinder and polisher sets, drill press, and several polish wheels. The goal is to start with a small slab of rock, use a template to mark a standard shape of a standard size on it, trim excess material away with a trim saw, grind it to the desired size and shape, then polish it. In the course of grinding and polishing the small slabs of rock, some rock properties and types will be explored. Basic collecting and identifying of rocks will be demonstrated.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1240-CRS1 CR Feb 11-Feb 20 $30.00


Carpentry 101 for Seniors

Join Dan to learn the principles of working safely, and the practical techniques that will allow you to construct an introductory level project. Tuition fee includes a supply fee.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1260-CRS1 CR Feb 7-Feb 28 $55.00


Fundamentals of Mixing Watercolours

Instructor: Marlyne Foos. This workshop is intended for beginner watercolourists. The workshop includes colour theory, demonstrations and lots of practice mixing watercolour paints. The students will also have the opportunity to create paintings from reference photos which will be provided. A supply list will be made available prior to the workshop.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1500-CRS1 CR Mar 7-Mar 28 $30.00


Go with the Flow

Flow painting is the latest craze in acrylic art. Free-flowing liquid paints and mediums are at the heart of the pouring process. Learn how to select products and use them in various ways to create stunning canvasses, vinyl records, rocks and more. You don't have to be an artist to participate but you should be prepared to get messy while you are having fun! All supplies will be provided. Instructors Wendy Samaroden and Marion Schnurr.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1533-CRS1 CR Mar 18-Mar 25 $40.00


Writing Your Own Story

Facilitators Gus Valen and Quentin Dodd. Have you ever thought that your life is worth writing about, that your memories have value. If this is you, then you need to join Gus and Quentin to discover the tips and tricks to gather and organize your memories, write interesting introductions, and put your story down on paper. Bring your pencil, paper, and memories to class!

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-2212-CRS1 CR Feb 6-Feb 27 $30.00


Women in Investing 101

Facilitator: Kim Emsley-Leik. This series shares perspective on a process that women can use to identify financial goals and set a strategy. This seminar series will cover a wide range of topics including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFS, insurance, fees and estate planning considerations.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3504-CRS1 CR Jan 23-Feb 27 $30.00


Women in Investing 201

Course Description: Facilitator: Kim Emsley-Leik. You have identified your financial goals and are on the way to building a meaningful portfolio. This seminar series will cover a wide range of topics while building on your current knowledge of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFS, insurance, fees, and estate planning considerations.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3506-CRS1 CR Mar 5-Apr 16 $30.00


Living with Hearing Aids

Join Marlene for this one day class as she tells her story of living as a hearing impaired person. She will share the importance of taking care of yourself as you adapt to hearing assist devices and pass on some tips and tricks that you can use to include people with hearing issues in your community. Instructor: Marlene Taylor.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5308-CRS1 CR Feb 19 $10.00


Advance Care Planning

Instructor: Geri Arkell. You've done your will, planned your estate, but have you thought about your health care decisions? If you were in a major accident today, would your family know what YOUR wishes are for the end of life care? Having "the Talk" with our families and writing the plan will be the best gift you can give them.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5765-CRS1 CR Jan 29-Feb 5  


Supporting Healthy Aging of Our Vulnerable Seniors

Instructor: Jane Osborne. Neighbours, Friends and Family Caring for Our Elders: This workshop introduces participants to the topic of abuse and neglect of older adults using materials developed at the University of Western Ontario. The "It's not Right!" program represents the best and latest collective thinking in Canada for educating people about this difficult topic. To round out the offering, get real information about BC's Adult Guardianship Legislation & Community Response Networks, explore ways to prevent abuse and neglect, and develop the tools you need to help you decide who to refer to, and where to find help.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5770-CRS1 CR Mar 18-Mar 25 $20.00


Mexico - a Brief History

More than just beautiful beaches, Mexico is a country rich in history, beauty and drama. Erik will look at some of the roads less travelled by Canadian tourists. The pre-Columbian and Spanish colonial periods will be featured. Facilitator: Erik Mairs

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5909-CRS1 CR Feb 6-Mar 5 $30.00


Intro to American Mah-Jongg

This workshop will introduce you to the tiles used in American Mah-jongg (The version with acceptable winning combinations printed on a card, plus joker tiles to make life easier!) You won't be able to turn pro after these sessions, but you will be able to join various groups around Campbell River. Instructor: Marcia Mackay.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6247-CRS1 CR Feb 21-Feb 22 $20.00


In Natures Realm - Meet the Author

Award winning Victoria-based writer Michael Layland will introduce his third book, delving into the progression of European knowledge of Vancouver Island. The book, In Nature's Realm, celebrates how the diverse local flora and fauna captured the interest of naturalists among the explorers, settlers, and visitors. The period covered is from 14,000 years ago through to 1915. His talk will include slides of some of the 150 illustrations in the book.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6286-CRS1 CR Apr 17 $10.00


The Geology of Pebbles

Using PowerPoint, bedrock and pebble samples I'll build a geological history of pebbles from the region. I briefly will describe rock classification, geological setting, plate tectonics, paleogeography and more in developing this history. Instructor: Dixon Edwards and Jon Ackroyd.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6323-CRS1 CR Mar 12-Mar 19 $20.00


Current Events Discussion Group

Facilitator: Quentin Dodd. A lively discussion on current news stories of interest; local and provincial matters that directly affect our community and national and international issues that are hitting the headlines. Reporter and freelance writer Quentin Dodd will moderate and suggest some topics to get us started. Then we will decide on further subjects to explore and debate.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6430-CRS1 CR Mar 3-Mar 24 $30.00


Emergency Preparedness

Would you know how to help yourself and those you love before and after a disaster? What are the real threats to the Strathcona Region? Be prepared! Know the risks and make a plan. Instructor: Shaun Koopman

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6915-CRS1 CR Mar 4  


Raingutter Growing

What if you could successfully grow vegetables and/or herbs on your driveway and deck? What if you didn't have to water that garden every day? You can put an end to the struggle of ignoring your garden while on vacation and the daily watering. Join Roger for a tour of this amazing system of growing. Instructor: Roger Jennings

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-7527-CRS1 CR Apr 21 $10.00
CREC-7527-CRS2 CR Apr 28 $10.00