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The Chemistry and Biochemistry of Food

You are what you eat. Have you ever wondered where this phrase came from, and whether it is actually true? Learn about the vitamins, minerals, fats, oils, carbohydrates and proteins in the food you eat. Is maple syrup/honey better for you than ordinary table sugar? What exactly happens to the foods once they hit your stomach? Who can you believe, and why does the research on good/bad foods seem to change all the time? No previous chemistry or biochemistry knowledge is required for the course.


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Dominant World Leaders of the 1930'S

Join Bill Lekich to study the four most influential men in history - Hitler, Churchill, Stalin and F.D. Roosevelt. Never in history had such dominant figures existed on the world stage at the same time. In these sessions we will examine their early lives and the roles they played in the time leading up to WWII.