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Lock Out - Tag Out

This online course covers Lockout/Tagout. The term "Lockout/Tagout" refers to specific practices and procedures to safeguard workers from the unexpected energizing or start-up of machinery and equipment, or the release of hazardous energy during service or maintenance activities. Lockout/Tagout explains the importance of Lockout/Tagout in protecting the health and safety of workers. The course examines basic workplace safety tenets and examines the specific stages and procedures of the Lockout/Tagout process. The basic tenets of safety are explained as are the specific stages and procedures of the Lockout-Tagout process.

Section Location Dates Cost
WSF-017-DLU1 DL Feb 1-Feb 28 $25.00
WSF-017-DLU2 DL Mar 1-Mar 31 $25.00
WSF-017-DLU3 DL Apr 1-Apr 30 $25.00