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Advanced Digital Art

Explore exciting concepts in Digital Art such as social media, marketing and branding, web page design and more. Students must have completed the Intro to Digital Arts course, or have prior advanced experience with Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Illustrator and In-Design. Recommended to have a valid email address, but not required.

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Girls ONLY NICBotCamp

Calling all girls to join this girls only summer camp! Students will learn how to build, program and control Lego robots in an inclusive, hands-on supportive environment! No prior building or programming experience required, just a positive and can-do attitude! Have fun while learning something new!

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NICBotCamp Xtreme

Ready, Set, Build bigger and more complex robots at this NICBotCamp Xtreme! Students (ages 10 to 14) can join this week-long camp to expand on your Lego Robot skills by learning NEW programming techniques and working with sensors! Students must have either taken a previous Lego robotics camp or have experience building and programming Lego EV3 robots.

Prerequisite(s): Previous Lego Robotics Camp or Lego EV3 experience.

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Coding & Web Design Camp

Learn the coding and design skills to build and personalize a webpage from scratch including design layout, photos, sidebars, widgets and image resolution. Ages 12-14.

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French Language Camp

Prepare to transition to high school in September with fun, interactive language brush up sessions, games and activities - all in French. Ages 12-14.

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Health Sciences Camp

Explore the health sciences as you take part in simulations experienced by nurses in training, basic clinical skills, physiology and anatomy labs, fun games on campus and professional panels. Ages 13-16. Going into grades 8-10.

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Intro to Digital Art

Explore graphic design using Photoshop, Illustrator and In-Design. You'll design a professional project of your choosing such as an album cover, t-shirt design or logo idea - the only limit is your imagination. No prior experience necessary. Recommended to have a valid email address, but not required.

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The NICBotCamp will use LEGO robots to inspire and engage youth in science and engineering pursuits. Students (grades 4 to 6) will participate in fun, hands-on camps during the week, learning basic digital literacy skills including LEGO robotics.

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Mad Scientist Youth Camp

Campers, strap on your safety goggles and prepare to partake in hands on experiments and laboratory demonstrations in this week long camp! Children (ages 10 to 13) can join this camp to expand on their knowledge of the wacky world of science! Campers will explore optics in physics, forces/strength of material in engineering, gooey reactions in chemistry, wonders of life in biology and the basics of coding. A good time will be had by all!

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Video Art Editing Camp

See your imagination come to life in moving pictures! Learn how to capture video footage and the basics of video editing (iMovie), stop motion animation and documentary styles. Ages 12-14

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