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Animated Films Around the Globe


Animation movies aren't just for children; in fact, several excellent films are made for adults. Animated films are created not just in Pixar Studios but all around the world. We will be showing and discussing six different films: Japan's Grave of the Fireflies, Israel's Waltz with Brashir, and Australia's Mary and Max, adding in The Triplets of Belleville, Persepolis, and topping it off with the last Spider-Verse movie. BRIAN CHARLTON/LINDA BRUNE

Biofilia: Our Connection to Nature


Biofilia is a 16-hour Grand Tour of Life, all of it. Biofilia translates into "we are all family." Two classes are about what life is made of - the incredible molecules that animate life. Then one class each on bacteria, cells, plants, fungi, animals, and viruses. Learn what makes life tick using educational video material to amplify or give authority to what the instructor teaches. THIERRY VRAIN

The Great Depression in Canada


The Great Depression was a social and economic disaster of global proportions. Few countries were affected as severely as Canada where millions were left unemployed, hungry and often homeless. A crippling drought across the Prairies only made things worse. This course explores the Depression's devastating impact and how it triggered the birth of social welfare, the beginnings of East versus West rivalries, and the rise of populism. ROBERT NOON