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Building Service Worker Level 1 & WHMIS

Learn the skills required to work in the building service custodial field. Topics include: attitudes, ground rules, WHMIS, blood borne pathogen and sharps safety, hanta virus awareness, basic cleaning chemistry, cleaning procedures overview, interior office cleaning, restroom cleaning, daily floor maintenance and classroom cleaning. Note: Please bring a bagged lunch and beverage.

Prerequisite(s): Students must have basic English speaking, writing and reading skills.

Section Location Dates Cost
BSW-101-CRS2 CR Dec 7-Dec 9 $389.00
BSW-101-CRS1 CR Mar 15-Mar 17 $389.00
BSW-101-PAS1 PA Apr 26-Apr 28 $389.00


Coaching Conversations

This experiential skills-based workshop is designed to equip leaders, managers and team members with core coaching skills and a framework to have coaching conversations in the workplace. Utilizing coaching skills lets you get the best out of yourself and team, increase employee engagement, improve performance, strengthen trust and achieve results. The workshop is designed for anyone who has an interest in cultivating and applying a "coach approach" in their personal and professional life.

Section Location Dates Cost
COM-071-CVS1 CV Nov 23 $229.00


Lapidary Skills

Instructor: Steve Cooley. Learn how to safely use each piece of lapidary equipment in Ripple Rock Gem and Mineral club's shop. The shop has a large slab saw, 2 smaller trim saws, several grinder and polisher sets, drill press, and several polish wheels. The goal is to start with a small slab of rock, use a template to mark a standard shape of a standard size on it, trim excess material away with a trim saw, grind it to the desired size and shape, then polish it. In the course of grinding and polishing the small slabs of rock, some rock properties and types will be explored. Basic collecting and identifying of rocks will be demonstrated.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1240-CRS1 CR Nov 13-Nov 22 $30.00


Tax Issues for Seniors

Instructor: Susan Innes, CPA, CGA. Susan will explain the Disability Tax Credit, how it works, and the procedure to apply for it and backdate it. There will be information regarding medical expenses - what you are able to claim, attendant care and nursing home expenses and discussion on the sensitive topic of how to ease the tax burden when you die.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-3526-CRS1 CR Nov 21 $10.00


Android Explorer

Are you ready to explore your Android phone now that you have gotten to know it and are familiar with its settings, apps, screen layout, service provider and your voice/data account? We will explore transferring photos from your phone to your desktop or laptop; copying songs from a CD to your phone; printing; emailing; using voice commands and connecting with Bluetooth devices. Instructor: Bob Bray

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-4015-CRS1 CR Nov 14-Nov 28 $30.00


Making Your Money Last

There are ten principles for living in retirement. This seminar has been designed to help individual investors successfully transition into and live their life in retirement. Aspects of estate planning will be included. Facilitator: Kim Emsley-Leik.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5708-CRS1 CR Nov 15 $10.00


Hospice Services in Your Neighbourhood

Have you, or someone you know, been diagnosed with a life limiting illness? Campbell River Hospice Society offers many programs to assist you through this difficult transition. Join the group to learn about their programs in Palliative Care; Bereavement, Hospital and Hospice Visiting Teams, Complementary Therapies, Vigil Response, Grief Counselling and Support, Companioning, Education, and Workshops.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5757-CRS1 CR Nov 15  


Journey Through the Atlantic

Presenters: Doug and Cathy Hoodikoff. Travel with Doug and Cathy as they take a coach tour that included stopovers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Join the adventure through Halifax, Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg, Hopewell Cape, Charlottetown, Cape Breton, and a six hour ferry to Newfoundland. Visit Port-aux-Basques, Cornerbrook, Gros Morne National Park, St. Anthony, L'Anse aux Meadows, Gander, Terra Nova National Park, Cape Spear, and St. John's.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5971-CRS1 CR Nov 16 $10.00


Windows for Cheapskates

This course will provide tips on where and how to find good quality free or very-low-cost public domain software for Windows computers. We will also talk about how to protect your computer while using software downloaded from the Internet. Instructor: Rod Keith

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-4320-CVS1 CV Nov 16-Nov 23 $10.00
CVEC-4320-CVS2 CV Nov 16-Nov 23 $10.00


Unforgettable Memory Strategies

Losing things? Tired brain? How can you function if you don't have a brain to do it with? Gain life-supporting skills and priceless memory tips to help you avoid cognitive decline. There are no memory pills but Neuroscience offers HOPE! Instructor: Gary Anaka

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5739-CVS1 CV Nov 19 $5.00


Craft Beer and Women

This course is designed for women who want to know more about the "new world" of craft beer. Historically, women were the brewers. Now women are once again having an increasingly important voice, both as brewers and as consumers. Instructor: Alan Brown

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-7352-CVS1 CV Nov 16 $10.00
CVEC-7352-CVS2 CV Nov 16 $10.00


Renewal on the Sea Otter Coast

David Pinel is the managing owner of West Coast Expeditions (WCE), an adventure tourism company focused on educational marine experiences in the Kyuquot area since 1972. WCE is recognized by Destination Canada for providing a Canadian Signature Experience and was Canada's first kayak tour company to achieve the Green Tourism Gold Award. Dave will discuss the once extirpated sea otters, and the little-known area of Kyuquot on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island, home of an ecological renewal over the last 40 years, with the recovered sea otter population as the chief ecological architects, concurrent with a modern treaty that's enabling new chapters for the local Indigenous people and community. Instructor: Dave Pinel

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9006-CVS1 CV Nov 17 $6.00
CVEC-9006-CVS2 CV Nov 17 $6.00


Tanzania: Amazing Landscapes, Wildlife and History

Chris and Catriona Harker taught and travelled in Tanzania in the 70s and have returned there many times since, as safari guides and as directors of a Canadian NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). Their love affair with the country comes through in this illustrated presentation which will include: the past colonial history of Tanzania and the current political situation; the varied geography and the incredible wildlife viewing opportunities; their involvement there as teachers and safari guides over the last 16 years; and the volunteer work they are involved in relating to the Canadian Harambee Education Society (CHES). Chris' three books which expand on these themes will be available. Instructor: Chris and Catriona Harker

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9007-CVS1 CV Nov 24 $6.00
CVEC-9007-CVS2 CV Nov 24 $6.00


Cruising Off the Beaten Track On the Edge

Nowadays, cruise lines go to unique destinations. The earth is 71% water and the cruise industry is taking passengers to new places and destinations that have yet to be explored. For those lovers of adventure, combined with cruising, there are more places to explore than ever before. The cruise industry is moving forward to take you from oceans to other waterways such as rivers and lakes. We will explore the newer and more unique destinations that are being made available to the cruising community. Instructor: Susan Davies

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9008-CVS1 CV Dec 1 $6.00
CVEC-9008-CVS2 CV Dec 1 $6.00


Emergency Child Care First Aid With CPR Level B

This course is designed for parents and caregivers of children up to eight years of age. Topics include: recognition of home hazards, accident prevention, and safety education. Skills focus on respiratory distress, CPR, AED, bleeding management and common first aid situations. This course is acknowledged by the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Child Care Facilities Licensing Board. Certification period is three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level B is recommended.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-010-CRS2 CR Dec 1 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS1 CR Jan 26 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS2 CR Mar 23 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS1 CR May 11 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS1 CR Aug 10 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS2 CV Dec 2 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV Feb 24 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV May 26 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV Aug 11 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS1 PA Jan 26 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS2 PA Apr 27 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS1 PA Aug 10 $105.00
FAC-010-UCS1 UC Nov 24 $160.00


Emergency First Aid with CPR Level C

The emergency first aid course covers the basic skills necessary to deal with time priority emergencies. The RC Emergency First Aid course is now recognized by WorkSafe BC as a valid equivalent certification for the Occupational First Aid Level 1. Certification is transferable between provinces and recognized nationally for workplace requirements. It includes initial assessment, respiratory distress, CPR, AED, bleeding, unconsciousness, shock, poisons, and secondary assessment. Certification is by the Red Cross and is valid for a period of three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level C is recommended.

Prerequisite(s): None

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-020-CRS1 CR Nov 17 $100.00
FAC-020-CRS1 CR Apr 6 $100.00
FAC-020-CRS2 CR Apr 13 $100.00
FAC-020-CRS1 CR Jun 22 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS2 CV Dec 9 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS1 CV Mar 3 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS1 CV May 23 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS1 CV Aug 18 $100.00


Red Cross Standard First Aid with CPR Level C

This is a comprehensive first aid course for those who require the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with life-threatening situations and to give assistance to people in physical distress. The RC Standard First Aid course is now recognized by WorkSafe BC as a valid equivalent certification for the Occupational First Aid Level 1. Certification is transferable between provinces and recognized nationally for workplace requirements. Includes all of the content of the Emergency First Aid course (FAC 020) plus injuries due to heat and cold, medical conditions, bone and joint injuries, head and spinal injuries. Certification is by the Red Cross and is valid for a period of three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level C is recommended.

Prerequisite(s): None

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-021-CRS2 CR Dec 4-Dec 5 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Jan 29-Jan 30 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS2 CR Mar 13-Mar 14 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR May 29-May 30 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Aug 27-Aug 28 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Nov 14-Nov 15 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS2 CV Dec 10-Dec 11 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Jan 23-Jan 24 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS2 CV Apr 17-Apr 18 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Jun 27-Jun 28 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Aug 14-Aug 15 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS1 PA Jan 12-Jan 13 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS2 PA Mar 23-Mar 24 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS1 PA May 11-May 12 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS1 PA Jul 13-Jul 14 $170.00


Marine Basic First Aid & CPR C

The Marine Basic First Aid course meets defined Federal Transport Canada Marine Safety Training Standards for Marine First Aid. This course provides individuals with a basic training level of First Aid and CPR required by the Marine Industry. Certification is by the Canadian Red Cross and Marine Transport Canada with a certification period of five years.

Prerequisite(s): Some previous knowledge of First Aid/ CPR is recommended, but not required.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-082-CRS1 CR Feb 6-Feb 7 $170.00
FAC-082-CVS1 CV Feb 13-Feb 14 $170.00
FAC-082-CVS2 CV Apr 15-Apr 16 $170.00
FAC-082-PAS2 PA Dec 1-Dec 2 $170.00
FAC-082-PAS1 PA Feb 9-Feb 10 $170.00
FAC-082-PAS1 PA May 18-May 19 $170.00
FAC-082-PHS1 PH Dec 10-Dec 11 $260.00
FAC-082-PHS1 PH Feb 5-Feb 6 $260.00
FAC-082-UCS1 UC Nov 17-Nov 18 $180.00
FAC-082-UCS1 UC Feb 23-Feb 24 $180.00
FAC-082-UCS2 UC Apr 6-Apr 7 $180.00


Forklift Operator

Receive thorough training that meets or exceeds all WorkSafe BC and CSA regulations and standards. Each student will be evaluated and those able to demonstrate a minimum level of operational competence receive an Ives & Associates document of successful program completion. Note: Ask for information sheet when registering.

Prerequisite(s): Must be 16 years of age and have, or have had, a driver's license.

Section Location Dates Cost
FLO-010-CRS4 CR Nov 17 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS5 CR Dec 15 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS2 CR Jan 19 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS3 CR Feb 23 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS4 CR Mar 23 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS5 CR Apr 27 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS1 CR May 25 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS2 CR Jun 22 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS2 PA Nov 17 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS1 PA Jan 26 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS2 PA Mar 16 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS3 PA Apr 27 $275.00


Silver Jewellery Express II

In this fast-paced and exciting workshop, a continuation of Silver Jewellery Express I, you will be creating two more sterling silver projects. Learn new techniques such as advanced fabrication and soldering, creating a tube setting for a ring and setting the stone with accuracy. We will be adding texture by introducing surface ornamentation techniques using our studio stamps and hammers, fusing with metal, and coloring with patinas. Advance your skills and reignite your creative process in a creative group atmosphere. Note: Materials are provided and included in the price. See the online supply list for additional materials you may need to bring from home.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1207-CRS1 CR Nov 17-Nov 18 $215.00
GENI-1207-CRS1 CR Apr 27-Apr 28 $215.00


Metal Jewellery Open Studio

The Open Studio is an excellent opportunity to continue to work on the skills you learned in other courses and complete some additional projects in a professional studio under the guidance of a professional! You can use the equipment and tools in the NIC studio to work on your jewellery projects (excluding lost wax casting and mold-making), while getting expert guidance and tips from the instructor. The Open Studio also allows you to work side by side with your peers in a supportive, creative environment. Our Campbell River studio is well equipped with a variety of electric and hand tools, work benches and reference materials. Note: Participants must have some experience in jewellery making and design and come with some projects & pieces to work on. The Open Studio is suitable for students who have taken one or more of the NIC Metal Jewellery courses/programs including the part-time Silver Jewellery Making-Beginner's course OR the Silver Jewellery Express I & II OR the Metal Jewellery Design certificate OR other similar jewellery-making courses. Students must supply their own materials and consumables for their projects.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1215-CRS1 CR Nov 24-Nov 25 $155.00
GENI-1215-CRS2 CR Dec 1-Dec 2 $155.00
GENI-1215-CRS1 CR May 4-May 5 $155.00
GENI-1215-CRS2 CR May 11-May 12 $155.00


Watercolours - Inspired by Turner

With over 19,000 paintings to his name, English painter William Turner was the "Painter of Light". The master of "romantic" watercolour landscapes, his beautiful paintings were the inspiration of the Impressionist movement. You will use Turner's style and techniques as the basis and inspiration for atmosphere, excitement, and light in your works.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1518-CVS1 CV Nov 17-Dec 1 $99.00


Linocut Printmaking

Create an original stamp and integrate it into collage and hand-made cards. Learn image trasfer, registration and roll up, while emphasizing colour, layers and textures. Note: Request a supply list when registering.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1662-CVS1 CV Nov 27 $65.00


Creating Memorable Characters

This one-day seminar class will have you focus on techniques to help you bring characters to life through words. You'll learn techniques for creating and revealing characters that seem as vividly dimensional as your father or next-door neighbour. Whether you're working with imaginary or real people, you'll learn how to write characters that readers won't soon forget.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-2338-CVS1 CV Nov 24 $50.00


Your iPad - Intermediate

Did you attend the beginner session and realize that your iPad could do so much more than you thought it was capable of? Do you have an iPad right now that you feel comfortable using but you would like to explore what else it is capable of, such as pictures (photo editing), calendar events, contacts and connecting to other devices using iCloud? This course can help you unleash the power of your iPad.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-4572-CRS1 CR Nov 24 $79.00


HR Strategy: Compensation & Benefits

This comprehensive 6-hour course will help human resources professionals learn how to design a well-structured and equitable compensation and benefits program to help your organization remain competitive in a busy labour market. You will also learn how to use occupational health standards as a guideline to develop human resources policy.

Section Location Dates Cost
HMR-011-CRS2 CR Nov 22-Nov 29 $175.00
HMR-011-CVS1 CV Apr 17-Apr 24 $175.00


Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Training Course

Gain the knowledge and skills required to operate small commercial vessels, other than tugs and fishing vessels, up to five gross tonnage engaged on a near coastal, class 2 or a sheltered waters voyage, and for fishing vessels up to 15 gross tonnage or 12 meters overall length engaged on a near coastal, class 2 (including an inland voyage on Lake Superior or Lake Huron) or a sheltered waters voyage.

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-005-CRS3 CR Dec 10-Dec 13 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS1 CR Jan 14-Jan 17 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS2 CR Mar 4-Mar 7 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS3 CR Apr 8-Apr 11 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS1 CR May 6-May 9 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS2 CR Jun 3-Jun 6 $569.00


Master, Limited/ Fishing Master IV

This course is for those working towards their Master, Limited or Fishing Master, IV Class certification. The Master Limited certificate is required by masters of vessels up to 60 gross tonnage and is valid on passenger carrying vessels, work boats, and tugs of less than 60 gross tons. The Fishing Master, IV Class certificate is for masters of fishing vessels of not more than 100 gross tons engaged on near-coastal or sheltered waters voyages; or officer in charge of the watch of a fishing vessel of any tonnage engaged on near-coastal and sheltered waters voyages. This comprehensive course prepares mariners for writing two core Transport Canada exams, Navigation Safety Level 1 and Chartwork & Pilotage Level 1.

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-014-CRS1 CR Nov 19-Dec 7 $1859.00


Occupational First Aid Level 1

Learn CPR, choking and hemorrhage control and minor wound care according to WSBC Regulations, Part 3 Guidelines (3.14 - 3.21). This WorkSafeBC course is an excellent entry level WSBC First Aid course that is a recognized by local industry. Certification is by WSBC and is valid for three years.

Prerequisite(s): Students must be at least 16 years of age. Students under 19 require a parent/ guardian signed waiver. Picture identification must be brought to the 1st class.

Section Location Dates Cost
OFA-010-CRS3 CR Feb 11 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS4 CR Apr 11 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS1 CR Jun 11 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS1 CR Aug 14 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS3 CV Nov 16 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS2 CV Feb 20 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS3 CV Apr 10 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS1 CV Jun 25 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS1 CV Aug 7 $95.00
OFA-010-PAS1 PA Feb 6 $150.00
OFA-010-PAS2 PA Apr 9 $150.00
OFA-010-UCS1 UC Nov 21 $150.00
OFA-010-USC1 UC Feb 7 $150.00
OFA-010-UCS2 UC Apr 10 $150.00


Estate Planning

Join us for presentations by knowledgeable members of the community in the three areas that most adults need advice on when making estate decisions: financial planning, estate planning and final wishes. Our presenters include: Chris Gow, a CGA experienced with estate finances and dealing with the new rules regarding financial planning for those putting their affairs in order. Matthew Dearin, a Notary Public specifically versed in estate legalities, how to set up Wills and Estates. Justin Johannesson, a Family Services Counselor and Margaret Vatamaniuck, Funeral Director who are experienced in prearranging funerals as well as how to put final wishes in place. This session is designed to encompass a broad range of information and participants will have some time for more specific questions and answers at the end.

Section Location Dates Cost
PAEC-3531-PAS1 PA Nov 15 $12.00


FoodSafe Level I

Obtain the necessary certification to work in the food service industry. This course covers important food safety and worker safety information including food borne illness, receiving and storing food, preparing food, serving food, cleaning and sanitizing. Certificates will be valid for 5 years from the date of issue. Note: Bring a packed lunch, beverage and government-issued picture ID to class.

Section Location Dates Cost
TFS-010-CRS3 CR Nov 24 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS4 CR Dec 15 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS1 CR Jan 26 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS2 CR Feb 23 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS3 CR Mar 23 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS4 CR Apr 27 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS1 CR May 25 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS2 CR Jun 22 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS1 CR Jul 20 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS2 CR Aug 17 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS4 CV Nov 17 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS5 CV Dec 8 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS1 CV Jan 12 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS2 CV Feb 9 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS3 CV Mar 9 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS4 CV Apr 6 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS1 CV May 4 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS2 CV Jun 1 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS1 CV Jul 6 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS2 CV Aug 10 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS3 PA Nov 17 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS4 PA Dec 8 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS1 PA Jan 19 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS2 PA Feb 16 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS3 PA Mar 16 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS4 PA Apr 13 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS1 PA May 11 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS2 PA Jun 15 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS1 PA Jul 20 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS2 PA Aug 17 $99.00
TFS-010-PHS1 PH Mar 30 $99.00