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Building Service Worker Level 1 & WHMIS

Learn the skills required to work in the building service custodial field. Topics include: attitudes, ground rules, WHMIS, blood borne pathogen and sharps safety, hanta virus awareness, basic cleaning chemistry, cleaning procedures overview, interior office cleaning, restroom cleaning, daily floor maintenance and classroom cleaning. Note: Please bring a bagged lunch and beverage.

Prerequisite(s): Students must have basic English speaking, writing and reading skills.

Section Location Dates Cost
BSW-101-CRS2 CR Nov 29-Dec 1 $389.00
BSW-101-CRS1 CR Mar 20-Mar 22 $389.00
BSW-101-CRS1 CR May 29-May 31 $389.00
BSW-101-PAS1 PA Nov 22-Nov 24 $389.00
BSW-101-PAS1 PA Apr 24-Apr 26 $389.00


Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

As the pace of change and demands increase in our work lives, our ability to handle our emotional states becomes even more important. Emotional Intelligence (EI) has been linked to leadership and managerial success in the workplace. This introductory course gives you a sense of how well you are currently functioning and how you can harness EI skills to attain your professional goals. Note: Preparation work prior to class

Section Location Dates Cost
COM-031-CVS1 CV Nov 22 $229.00


Sage 50-1

Set-up and use all six modules in Sage 50 -1 accounting software (formerly Simply Accounting) with emphasis on the general ledger, accounts payable, receivable and payroll modules. The job cost and inventory modules may also be introduced.

Prerequisite(s): Basic Bookkeeping or equivalent & familiarity with Windows

Section Location Dates Cost
CPA-015-CRS1 CR Nov 13-Dec 11 $329.00
CPA-015-CRS1 CR Apr 1-Apr 29 $329.00
CPA-015-PAS1 PA May 4-Jun 8 $329.00


Excel Level 2

Advance your Excel skills in this hands-on Level-2 class using the world's most popular electronic graph paper. Apply basic skill sets along with some intermediate to advanced functions to manage and audit numerical reports. Students will learn to create and manipulate charts, work with different types of graphics, look at various methods of analyzing, organizing, linking and sharing workbooks, plus learn to use advanced formatting features.

Prerequisite(s): CPA 011 or previous Excel experience

Section Location Dates Cost
CPA-021-CRS1 CR Nov 12-Dec 3 $205.00
CPA-021-CRS1 CR Feb 20-Mar 12 $205.00


Lapidary Skills

Instructor: Steve Cooley. Learn how to safely use each piece of lapidary equipment in Ripple Rock Gem and Mineral club's shop. The shop has a large slab saw, 2 smaller trim saws, several grinder and polisher sets, drill press, and several polish wheels. The goal is to start with a small slab of rock, use a template to mark a standard shape of a standard size on it, trim excess material away with a trim saw, grind it to the desired size and shape, then polish it. In the course of grinding and polishing the small slabs of rock, some rock properties and types will be explored. Basic collecting and identifying of rocks will be demonstrated.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-1240-CRS1 CR Nov 12-Nov 21 $30.00


Crime Prevention for Seniors

Instructor: Cpl. Donna Breckon. Cpl. Breckon will provide tips, recommendations and strategies to make you safer in your home, in the community and when you travel. As well, topics will include internet security, scams and fraud directed at seniors.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-5005-CRS1 CR Nov 20  


Bridge - Next Steps

Instructor: Michael Moskovich. This series of four sessions will allow you to develop some of the more advanced methods in bidding and playing of bridge hands. Each session will have some didactic explanations and will be followed by play of hands related to points discussed. The introductory course is recommended for beginners before taking this series.

Section Location Dates Cost
CREC-6249-CRS1 CR Nov 15-Dec 6 $30.00


Representation Agreements

Every adult in BC should have a representation agreement. A lawyer specializing in Estate Planning will guide you through the rules and forms that can empower someone you trust to speak for you when you can't. A planning booklet will be provided for a $10 fee.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-3537-CVS1 CV Nov 12 $15.00


Medical Overdiagnosis

In today's medicine, there is a lot of diagnosis and even more treatment, often of dubious value. This course examines this phenomenon critically by increasing understanding of what doctors do and why they do it, the influence of statistics, the role played by academic institutions and the Jekyll and Hyde personality of the pharmaceutical industry.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5708-CVS1 CV Nov 27 $10.00


Natural Burial: A Growing Alternative

As many of us seek to live more environmentally conscious lives, we are also looking at our end-of-life options. This course is an exploration of natural or green burial alternatives, which are increasingly available in funeral and cemetery services.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-5755-CVS1 CV Nov 15 $10.00


Early Mining History in BC

Stories about early mining in B.C. Tales of claim-jumping and murder, political manipulation, legal chicanery, etc. What was the extent of American influence? Why did some cities prosper after mine closures, and others die? And much more.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6335-CVS1 CV Nov 14-Dec 5 $20.00


People Types And Tiger Stripes II

This interactive course is a follow-up to last winter's People Types and Tiger Stripes course. Students must have attended the first-level course. We will examine ways to further our own Type development and problem-solve in practical ways to enhance relationships.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-6606-CVS1 CV Nov 14-Nov 21 $20.00


Uses Geothermal Energy Frm Old Coal Mine

Springhill Nova Scotia is known for mine disasters and Anne Murray's lovely voice, but not many Canadians realize that mine water is a source of geothermal energy. These mines flooded after closure, but various entrepreneurs since then have used this water for commercial sources of energy. The Municipality of Cumberland NS geothermal expansion is part of an overall plan to develop renewable energy sources within the region.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9006-CVS1 CV Nov 16 $6.00


Landscapes: Archaeological Record of Atlantic Canada

Chandra Young-Boyle will present the archaeological record of Atlantic Canada. From northern Labrador to southern Nova Scotia, material culture illustrates the migrations of people into the region. Ten thousand years ago, glaciers retreated and people moved in from the south. Six thousand years later, Arctic adapted people moved south into Labrador. Archaeological remains provide insight into how people survived and thrived using the resources around them.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9007-CVS1 CV Nov 23 $6.00


Kitchen Table to Main Stage: Music PEI

Award-winning international pianist Sarah Hagen explores what makes musical creation and performance different on PEI. It has its own flavour and recipe for music making so Sarah devours every ounce that comes her way. Our local Island talent has fallen in love with the heartbreaking beauty and the warm hospitality of this East Coast Island. Sarah is also a professional comedian. She may even share a tune and some jokes!

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9008-CVS1 CV Nov 30 $6.00


Emergency Child Care First Aid With CPR Level B

This course is designed for parents and caregivers of children up to eight years of age. Topics include: recognition of home hazards, accident prevention, and safety education. Skills focus on respiratory distress, CPR, AED, bleeding management and common first aid situations. This course is acknowledged by the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Child Care Facilities Licensing Board. Certification period is three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level B is recommended.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-010-CRS1 CR Feb 1 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS2 CR Apr 25 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS1 CR Jun 13 $105.00
FAC-010-CRS1 CR Aug 8 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS2 CV Dec 8 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV Mar 8 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV May 24 $105.00
FAC-010-CVS1 CV Aug 9 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS2 PA Nov 23 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS1 PA Feb 8 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS1 PA May 2 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS2 PA Jun 20 $105.00
FAC-010-PAS1 PA Aug 15 $105.00


CPR Level Basic Life Support (CPR BLS)

The CPR Level Basic Life Support (CPR BLS) is training in the recognition of, and initial intervention or treatment given by pre-hospital or in-facility responders to, a patient suffereing from cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest. The BLS curriculum supports the delivery of high performance, team-based professional-level resuscitation. The BLS course is industry -driven, designed as a robust resuscitation training program geared toward high quality CPR in a team environment, and recoginizes the nuances of multipdisciplinary teams with varied experiences. The BLS Course covers content from standard BLS training, as well as Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy. This course is for people in or entering health care field including nurses, doctors, first responders and other health care professionals.

Prerequisite(s): Students 18 years of age (recommended)

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-019-PAS1 PA Dec 4 $115.00
FAC-019-PAS1 PA Aug 5 $80.00


Emergency First Aid with CPR Level C

The emergency first aid course covers the basic skills necessary to deal with time priority emergencies. The RC Emergency First Aid course is now recognized by WorkSafe BC as a valid equivalent certification for the Occupational First Aid Level 1. Certification is transferable between provinces and recognized nationally for workplace requirements. It includes initial assessment, respiratory distress, CPR, AED, bleeding, unconsciousness, shock, poisons, and secondary assessment. Certification is by the Red Cross and is valid for a period of three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level C is recommended.

Prerequisite(s): None

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-020-CRS1 CR Jan 11 $100.00
FAC-020-CRS2 CR Mar 28 $100.00
FAC-020-CRS1 CR May 12 $100.00
FAC-020-CRS1 CR Jul 6 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS2 CV Dec 9 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS1 CV Feb 22 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS2 CV Apr 19 $100.00
FAC-020-CVS1 CV Jul 12 $100.00
FAC-020-PAS2 PA Dec 14 $100.00
FAC-020-PAS2 PA Feb 29 $100.00
FAC-020-PAS1 PA Apr 25 $100.00
FAC-020-PAS1 PA Jul 20 $100.00


Red Cross Standard First Aid with CPR Level C

This is a comprehensive first aid course for those who require the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with life-threatening situations and to give assistance to people in physical distress. The RC Standard First Aid course is now recognized by WorkSafe BC as a valid equivalent certification for the Occupational First Aid Level 1. Certification is transferable between provinces and recognized nationally for workplace requirements. Includes all of the content of the Emergency First Aid course (FAC 020) plus injuries due to heat and cold, medical conditions, bone and joint injuries, head and spinal injuries. Certification is by the Red Cross and is valid for a period of three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level C is recommended.

Prerequisite(s): None

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Dec 2-Dec 3 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Jan 27-Jan 28 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS2 CR Mar 30-Mar 31 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Jun 9-Jun 10 $170.00
FAC-021-CRS1 CR Aug 11-Aug 12 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Feb 13-Feb 14 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS2 CV Apr 7-Apr 8 $170.00
FAC-021-CVS1 CV Jul 14-Jul 15 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS2 PA Nov 30-Dec 1 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS1 PA Jan 25-Jan 26 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS2 PA Apr 4-Apr 5 $170.00
FAC-021-PAS1 PA Jun 6-Jun 7 $170.00
FAC-021-PHS1 PH Dec 9-Dec 10 $260.00


Red Cross Instructor First Aid & CPR Recertification Course

This course is for current Red Cross Instructor Trainers to recertify in First Aid & CPR program (CPRIT, FAIT). Certification is valid for 3 years. All prerequisites must be met.

Prerequisite(s): A current CRC First Aid Program Instructor certification. -Have taught a minimum of three Canadian Red Cross First Aid Program courses during the three-year certification period. -One course must have been taught in each Instructor designation seeking recertification (to the highest level of certification with each program area, recertification courses qualify) Courses which were taught in combination (example: Standard First Aid and CPR C) do not count as separate courses for the purpose of recertification prerequisites.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-023-CVS1 CV Nov 17 $240.00


Marine Basic First Aid & CPR C

The Marine Basic First Aid course meets defined Federal Transport Canada Marine Safety Training Standards for Marine First Aid. This course provides individuals with a basic training level of First Aid and CPR required by the Marine Industry. Certification is by the Canadian Red Cross with a certification period of three years.

Prerequisite(s): Some previous knowledge of First Aid/ CPR is recommended, but not required.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-082-CRS2 CR Dec 4-Dec 5 $170.00
FAC-082-CRS2 CR Jan 22-Jan 23 $170.00
FAC-082-CRS3 CR Mar 4-Mar 5 $170.00
FAC-082-CVS2 CV Nov 14-Nov 15 $170.00
FAC-082-CVS1 CV Feb 18-Feb 19 $170.00
FAC-082-CVS2 CV Apr 27-Apr 28 $170.00
FAC-082-PAS1 PA Jan 18-Jan 19 $170.00
FAC-082-PAS2 PA Mar 7-Mar 8 $170.00
FAC-082-PAS1 PA May 9-May 10 $170.00
FAC-082-UCS1 UC Feb 22-Feb 23 $190.00
FAC-082-UCS2 UC Apr 18-Apr 19 $190.00


Marine Advanced First Aid & CPR C

The Marine Advanced course will cover the Red Cross; first aid kit; body structure and function; toxicological hazards; examination of person or patient (oxygen administration); spinal Injuries; burns, scalds and effects of cold and heat; fractures, dislocations and muscular injuries; medical care of rescued persons; radio medical advice; pharmacology; sterilization and cardiac arrest, drowning and asphyxia. Certification is by Canadian Red Cross and is valid for three years.

Prerequisite(s): Minimum of 16 years of age. Some previous  knowledge of Frist Aid/ CPR is recommended, but  not required.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-084-CVS2 CV Nov 18-Nov 22 $625.00
FAC-084-CVS1 CV Mar 2-Mar 6 $625.00


Forklift Operator

Receive thorough training that meets or exceeds all WorkSafe BC and CSA regulations and standards. Each student will be evaluated and those able to demonstrate a minimum level of operational competence receive an Ives & Associates document of successful program completion. Note: Ask for information sheet when registering.

Prerequisite(s): Must be 16 years of age and have, or have had, a driver's license.

Section Location Dates Cost
FLO-010-CRS4 CR Nov 16 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS5 CR Dec 14 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS4 CR Jan 18 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS5 CR Feb 22 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS6 CR Mar 21 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS7 CR Apr 25 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS1 CR May 23 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS2 CR Jun 20 $275.00
FLO-010-CRS1 CR Jul 18 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS2 PA Nov 16 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS1 PA Jan 25 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS2 PA Mar 7 $275.00
FLO-010-PAS3 PA Apr 25 $275.00


Silver Jewellery- Beyond Basics

This course is for students who have taken either the Silver Jewellery Making-Beginner's course or Silver Jewellery Express I AND II. It will provide students with the opportunity to expand on their skills. Explore more techniques, such as an introduction to cuttlebone casting, how to claw set and flush set a faceted gemstone, texturing techniques using the reticulation process, roller printing, and various finishing techniques that will give your creations a professional finish. This course is labour intensive and has a moderate degree of difficulty. Note: Purchase your own supplies or a kit will be available to purchase from the instructor on the first day of class. See supply list online.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1206-CRS1 CR Nov 23-Dec 1 $279.00


Metal Jewellery Design Info Session

This free information session will give prospective students the opportunity to meet instructors and learn about the 8-month Metal Jewellery Design Certificate as well as the evening, weekend and summer jewellery workshops available at NIC. Tour the well-equipped studio, discover more about the field of jewellery making and design, learn about jewellery-making equipment and tools, and see what past students have accomplished. There is no cost to attend but we ask that you please pre-register.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-1212-CRS1 CR Nov 14  
GENI-1212-CRS1 CR May 7  


Market Gardener Program Info Session

This informative info session will provide prospective students with a comprehensive overview of the Market Gardener Program, and a chance to meet the instructor teaching the program.

Section Location Dates Cost
GENI-7580-CVS1 CV Jan 22  
GENI-7580-PAS1 PA Nov 28  
GENI-7580-PAS1 PA Jan 29  


Domestic Vessel Safety (DVS)

In addition to topics covered by the Basic Safety (SDV-BS) course, this Transport Canada approved course enables you to learn safety-related skills associated with small boat operation and ensuring the safety of passengers. These skills include assisting passengers to survive an emergency, maintenance of safety equipment, and safety record keeping. Note: Bring a towel and bathing suit for pool exercises.

Section Location Dates Cost
MED-032-CRS3 CR Nov 18-Nov 21 $690.00
MED-032-CRS4 CR Dec 2-Dec 5 $690.00
MED-032-CRS5 CR Dec 19-Dec 22 $690.00
MED-032-CRS1 CR Jan 20-Jan 23 $690.00
MED-032-CRS2 CR Feb 4-Feb 7 $690.00
MED-032-CRS3 CR Mar 13-Mar 16 $690.00
MED-032-CRS4 CR Apr 6-Apr 9 $690.00
MED-032-CRS5 CR Apr 20-Apr 23 $690.00
MED-032-CRS1 CR May 11-May 14 $695.00
MED-032-UCS1 UC Feb 29-Mar 3 $690.00


Small Vessel Operator Proficiency Training Course

Gain the knowledge and skills required to operate small commercial vessels, other than tugs and fishing vessels, up to five gross tonnage engaged on a near coastal, class 2 or a sheltered waters voyage, and for fishing vessels up to 15 gross tonnage or 12 meters overall length engaged on a near coastal, class 2 (including an inland voyage on Lake Superior or Lake Huron) or a sheltered waters voyage.

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-005-CRS4 CR Nov 21-Nov 24 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS5 CR Dec 9-Dec 12 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS2 CR Jan 13-Jan 16 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS3 CR Feb 3-Feb 6 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS5 CR Mar 9-Mar 12 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS4 CR Mar 26-Mar 29 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS6 CR Apr 14-Apr 17 $569.00
NAU-005-CRS1 CR May 4-May 7 $569.00
NAU-005-UCS1 UC Feb 24-Feb 27 $569.00


Master, Limited/ Fishing Master IV

This course is for those working towards their Master, Limited or Fishing Master, IV Class certification. The Master Limited certificate is required by masters of vessels up to 60 gross tonnage and is valid on passenger carrying vessels, work boats, and tugs of less than 60 gross tons. The Fishing Master, IV Class certificate is for masters of fishing vessels of not more than 100 gross tons engaged on near-coastal or sheltered waters voyages; or officer in charge of the watch of a fishing vessel of any tonnage engaged on near-coastal and sheltered waters voyages. This comprehensive course prepares mariners for writing two core Transport Canada exams, Navigation Safety Level 1 and Chartwork & Pilotage Level 1.

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-014-CRS1 CR Nov 25-Dec 13 $1859.00
NAU-014-CRS1 CR Feb 13-Mar 5 $1859.00


Restricted Operator Certificate - Maritime

This seven-hour course will prepare you for the Department of Communications examination for the Restricted Operator Certificate (Maritime) (ROC-M).

Prerequisite(s): None

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-016-CRS5 CR Dec 6 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS4 CR Dec 14 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS2 CR Jan 18 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS3 CR Feb 8 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS4 CR Mar 7 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS5 CR Mar 31 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS6 CR Apr 18 $219.00
NAU-016-CRS1 CR May 9 $219.00
NAU-016-UCS1 UC Feb 28 $219.00


Restricted Operator Certificate - Maritime Commercial

Mariners serving on compulsorily-fitted commercial ships (Global Maritime Distress and Safety Systems or GMDSS) within the North American A1 sea areas require this course for compliance with the International Convention of Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended in 1995 (STCW 95 Regulation IV/2). Note: Existing ROC certificate holders who take a valid (1999 or earlier) certificate to class, are required to attend the last two days of classes only (NAU 041). Canadian Power & Sail Squadron certificates do not meet this requirement. You must present this certificate when registering. Persons without an existing ROC certificate must attend all three days of classes.

Prerequisite(s): Minimum 18 years of age.

Section Location Dates Cost
NAU-051-CRS2 CR Nov 12-Nov 14 $469.00
NAU-051-CRS1 CR Jan 27-Jan 29 $469.00
NAU-051-CRS2 CR Mar 17-Mar 19 $469.00
NAU-051-CRS3 CR Apr 27-Apr 29 $469.00


Occupational First Aid Level 1

Learn CPR, choking and hemorrhage control and minor wound care according to WSBC Regulations, Part 3 Guidelines (3.14 - 3.21). This WorkSafeBC course is an excellent entry level WSBC First Aid course that is a recognized by local industry. Certification is by WSBC and is valid for three years.

Prerequisite(s): Students must be at least 16 years of age. Students under 19 require a parent/ guardian signed waiver. Picture identification must be brought to the 1st class.

Section Location Dates Cost
OFA-010-CRS4 CR Nov 27 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS6 CR Feb 26 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS7 CR Apr 29 $95.00
OFA-010-CRS1 CR Jul 8 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS2 CV Jan 14 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS3 CV Mar 31 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS1 CV Jun 15 $95.00
OFA-010-CVS1 CV Aug 20 $95.00
OFA-010-PAS2 PA Nov 20 $150.00
OFA-010-PAS2 PA Feb 20 $150.00
OFA-010-PAS3 PA Apr 22 $150.00
OFA-010-PAS1 PA Jun 3 $150.00
OFA-010-PAS1 PA Aug 19 $150.00
OFA-010-PHS3 PH Nov 13 $95.00
OFA-010-UCS1 UC Nov 21 $175.00
OFA-010-UCS2 UC Apr 23 $175.00


FoodSafe Level I

Obtain the necessary certification to work in the food service industry. This course covers important food safety and worker safety information including food borne illness, receiving and storing food, preparing food, serving food, cleaning and sanitizing. Certificates will be valid for 5 years from the date of issue. Note: Bring a packed lunch, beverage and government-issued picture ID to class.

Section Location Dates Cost
TFS-010-CRS3 CR Nov 23 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS4 CR Dec 14 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS1 CR Jan 18 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS2 CR Feb 22 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS3 CR Mar 21 $99.00
TFS-010-CRS4 CR Apr 25 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS3 CV Nov 16 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS4 CV Dec 7 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS1 CV Jan 11 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS2 CV Feb 8 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS3 CV Mar 7 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS4 CV Apr 4 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS1 CV May 9 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS2 CV Jun 13 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS1 CV Jul 11 $99.00
TFS-010-CVS2 CV Aug 15 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS4 PA Dec 14 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS1 PA Jan 18 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS2 PA Feb 22 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS3 PA Mar 21 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS4 PA Apr 18 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS1 PA May 23 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS2 PA Jun 20 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS1 PA Jul 18 $99.00
TFS-010-PAS2 PA Aug 15 $99.00